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Spidertech is therapeutic tape for athletes and other active individuals who are suffering from minor aches, pains, or injuries. It can be used on virtually any body part, including the elbow, knee, ankle, back, shoulder, or wrist. The tape supports your body as you heal from minor injuries so that you are able to continue your regular activities, including any formal exercise routines you partake in.

How It Works

Once the tape is applied, its clinically developed, advanced wave technology is able to activate certain nerve endings within your body. Following that, these nerve endings send signals to the central nervous system that tell it to block pain. The product also tugs on the skin’s tissues in order to lift them, which increases circulation and therefore reduces pain. Besides allowing you to recover from minor injuries while staying active, Spidertech will help prevent further injury to an aggravated body part.


  1. Professional Athletes
  2. Professional athletes, including those of Olympic-level calibre, use Spidertech to support their bodies as they heal from injuries due to repetitive strain and other causes.

  3. Frequent Gym-goers
  4. Even if they're not professionals, people who go to the gym several times a week can develop the same kinds of injuries that professional athletes do. Fortunately, Spidertech will help them heal without needing to take a sabbatical from the gym.

  5. Physical Laborers
  6. Another group of people who often end up with sore muscles or minor injuries are physical laborers, such as bricklayers or those employed within the roofing industry. However, Spidertech can reduce any pain that these individuals experience.

  7. Stressed Parents
  8. Parenting may not sound like difficult physical work, but it can be. When one has to chase after multiple children or carry a baby around all day, this can be hard on one's muscles and joints, making one frequently stiff. If a parent applies Spidertech to any stiff areas, though, they will feel better as they go about their daily business.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prep Skin
  2. Before you start applying Spidertech, make sure your skin is clean and unbroken. It should also be free of irritation and any stubble due to shaving or trimming, although you can apply the tape to shaved skin without stubble.

  3. Tear Perforations
  4. Tear all the perforations found within your package of Spidertech. This will divide the tape into parts.

  5. Begin Application
  6. Find the part of your Spidertech tape that is labeled with the number one, and apply that directly on top of the body part that hurts. In order to activate the adhesive glue, rub the center. Continue this process with the other parts, in accordance with the numbers found on the backing ( number two should be applied after one, and so on ).

  7. Rub Again
  8. Gently rub the entire taped area to make sure it's secure, and move on with your daily life!

Positive Points

  • Lasts Up To Five Days
  • You will not need to reapply Spidertech every day, as one application will last for up to five days.

  • For All Ages And Genders
  • Spidertech is suitable for kids, adults, and seniors who are male or female. The product is latex-free, so even those with latex allergies can use it.

  • Can Barely Feel It
  • While you're wearing Spidertech, its presence on your skin will not disturb you. Since its thickness and elasticity have been designed to mimic the characteristics of human skin, you'll barely notice that it's there.

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