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Star Showers Motion is a decorative product which can illuminate your house by making several stars appear wherever it is shone. It uses a laser to produce these shining stars. You can use it to decorate the outside walls of your house for Christmas or any other occasion. The lights can move while they shine, or they can be still. Alternatively, you can use this product to shine colored stars inside your house to create a mesmerizing effect for a party.


  • Colors
  • The stars are of two colors – red and green.

  • Decoration
  • This product is meant for decoration purpose.

  • Movement
  • It has been named Star Showers Motion because the starts which are shot form the projector are in motion, thus creating the perfect party effect.

  • Stationary
  • If you do not like the movement and would prefer that the starts be still, that, too can be done. You just have to press one button and the lights will become still.

  • Number Of Stars
  • As soon as you start the device, thousands of stars will start shining right before your eyes.

  • Projector
  • The starts are shone with the help of a projector. This projects holographic red and green stars which become apparent on a wall or wherever you shine them. There is a motion motor attached which will make the stars move, dance and shimmer.

  • Weather Resistant
  • This decor has been made in such a way that it is weather resistant. You can put it outside in freezing cold or in very hot weather, and it will still work. It can do its job in temperature as low as -35 Fahrenheit and as high as 100 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Electricity Source
  • The decor works with electricity and can simply be plugged into any extension cord.

  • Lights Up Only In The Dark
  • These red and green lights will turn on only in the dark. This feature has been designed to make the decor more efficient and to use less electricity.

  • Distance
  • You can set the laser projector up to a hundred yards away from where you want the stars to shine.

  • Durable
  • Stars Shower Motion is very durable and will not be damaged or harmed easily. It should function perfectly for up to 2 years.

  • Safe
  • Lasers have certain safety protocols which need to be followed. It is best if you do not look straight into the laser for a long amount of time. However, accidently gazing into the light for a few seconds is very safe and not harmful.

  • Other Safety Measures
  • You should point the light at the wall on which you want the stars to shine. Just make sure that the laser is pointed at the wall and not the sky.

  • Distance And Area Covered
  • If you need the stars to cover a certain area, you have to place it certain distance away.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unpack
  2. Remove the packaging from all parts of the device and unpack it. .

  3. Decide Location
  4. Decide where you want the laser projector to be. This should be based on where you want the stars to shine.

  5. Set The Projector
  6. Now that you have decided the spot, set the projector there. .

  7. Set The Pointer
  8. This should be pointing at the spot where you want the shining stars to make an appearance.

  9. Insert Stake
  10. Insert the stake into the ground; you can use a soft mallet for this. However, do not pound it with a hard iron mallet.

  11. Adjust Housing
  12. Screw the housing into the stake. You need to screw it in a clockwise direction.

  13. Power Source
  14. Attach the wire of the projector to an extension cord.

  15. Switch On
  16. Turn on the button to make the dancing stars appear. You can choose whether you want red stars or green by turning the switch towards the particular colored stripe.

  17. Motion Or Stillness
  18. If you want the stars to dance and move, you should press the motion activator button present on the projector. This is red and white in color and easy to identify. If you want the stars to be still, simply turn this button off and you can enjoy still lights.

  19. Store
  20. When you are done using the product, dissemble it and store it in its packaging. .


  • Useful For All Occasions
  • You can use Star Showers Motion on all occasions. This can be a part, Christmas or another holiday, or anything else.

  • Power Saving
  • The lights turn on only in the dark, because they have a light sensor. As a result, even if you forgot to turn them off in the morning, they will turn off themselves and hence save electricity.

  • Long Cord
  • The cord is afoot long, and so can be used even if the extension or switch is a little far off.

  • Colors
  • The two colors are perfect for all sorts of festive events and celebrations.

  • No Wires
  • There are no wires which can get tangled, so using this product is free of hassle.

  • No Bulbs
  • As there are no bulbs, the product is safe to use. Normal fairy lights use bulbs which can get broken and the glass shards can hurt someone.


  • Dim If There Are Other Lights
  • If there are other lights in the surroundings like street lights or lawn lamps, these shimmering stars will appear less bright.

  • Power Outage
  • As there is no battery, you will not be able to operate this product if there is a power failure for some reason.

  • Laser
  • Looking into the laser light source for a long time can damage the eyes.

Critical Advice

This product works with electricity, which means that it has to be operated with caution. Do not plug the cord near a water source. Keep children away from the cord. Don’t operate if the plug is broken. You should also keep the device unplugged when you are not using it, to prevent any accidental electric shock to anyone.

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