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Stretch and Fresh is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to keep your food fresh. This product is a rubber lid that can be stretched and conformed to fit almost any kind of food container. Once on top of the storage container, the user needs only to press down on the center of the lid to make it airtight. Thus, your food will last longer during storage. Multiple sizes ensure you will always have the size you need available for any container.


  • Three Sizes
  • This product comes in three different sizes; small, medium and large. While this custom material is made to stretch and contort itself to fit many different containers, it will not fit all containers. Thus, you might need a different sized lid, which is provided in the set.

  • Easy To Clean
  • Once you are finished using the Stretch and Fresh, all you need to do is rinse it under water. Then-once it is rinsed, you can allow it to dry and reuse it at a later date. Unlike regular plastic wraps or aluminum foils, you do not need to toss Stretch and Fresh in the trash after just one use.


  • Easy To Lose
  • Since these lids are transparent and flimsy in nature, there is a chance you might lose a few. If you tend to be less organized in the kitchen, it might become easier to use the original lids to your containers instead of always searching for where you places these lids. An easy solution to this dilemma is to always place this product in the same location.

  • Only One Color
  • This product only comes in a transparent color. Thus, you are not able to color code the food you store in the fridge. Fortunately, you are able to see what is inside of each food container since the lids are translucent.


Stretch and Fresh rubber lids are the only storage tops you need to store your food. They are durable, light weight, easy to wash and can be used hundreds of times. Thus, you will save money and be environmentally friendly with this product.

How It Works

This product works by placing it on top of a food container. Once it is stretched onto the container, you press into the center of the lid to release extra air. Then, make sure all corners are sealed tight before placing the container into the fridge.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Keep Melons Fresh
  2. Use this product to keep watermelons, cantaloupes and other melons fresh. If you have half of a melon, stretch this product onto the top and store it in the fridge. This way, your fruit will stay fresh for longer and you will not need to use plastic wraps or aluminum foils. Reuse the product once you need the fruit.

  3. Utilize All Sizes
  4. Do not try to fit a small Stretch and Fresh onto a large container. Instead, use either a medium or large Stretch and Fresh lid for a better fit. This way, the rubber lid will be more secure and will stay on your container firmly.

2 REVIEWS FOR Stretch And Fresh

Rubbish Complete Rubbish

Frustrated Cus | Arlington, VA | 31 Jul 2018

I bought it on groupon and it's rubbish it doesn't even deserve a star. It doesn't work at all I tried and tried and tried and it failed me. 👿👿👿😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😤😤😤.

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Don't Waste Your Money

Fiona | Boca Raton, FL | 29 May 2017

This totally doesn't work. Customer service strings you along with questions and even ask for a video of it NOT working, which I provided. Nothing after that. Rogues.

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