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Stuffies are cute secret storage bins. That's right! These stuffed animals are storage containers where kids can store their most precious treasures. The stuffed animals have various secret pockets. Secret pockets are located in the mouth, legs and body – there are seven of them. No one will ever expect you are hiding anything in that adorable teddy bear on your bed. Keep your top secrets hidden with various stuffies of various shapes, sizes and personalities. Even better is that all stuffies come with a children's book and a mystery surprise. If you like your stuffie so much you can now purchase miniature versions known as “baby stuffies”. They are smaller but just as adorable and come with friendship bracelets.


  • Seven Secret Pockets
  • All stuffies have 7 secret pouches. There is a zippered pocket in the mouth. Along with one pocket per leg and one on the back or stomach of the stuffed animal.

  • Hug Friendly
  • Stuffies make for the perfect teddy bear because they are soft. Their over-sized shape makes them perfect to cuddle up with so you will never be lonely.

  • Mystery Surprise
  • All stuffies come with a child friendly mystery surprise.

  • Book
  • Each stuffie has its own storybook that features that particular stuffie in it. Even better is that the books promote morals and values - so your child will definitely learning something.

  • Different Stuffies
  • Stuffies do not just come in one shape or size. In fact, there is one out there that will fit your child's needs perfectly. Some of the stuffies teach you about courage, while another might teach you about honesty, and friendship. No matter what your child's needs and preferences are you will find a stuffie that is a perfect match.

  • Positive Values
  • From the names that stuffies have or the values that are promoted in their individual storybooks this product is all about promoting positive values. Children are be exposed to negative values daily but stuffie characters like "sky the giraffe" works to teach your child the importance of making everyone feel included.

  • Travel
  • Stuffies are perfect for travelling. They are soft and big enough to be used as a pillow or a teddy bear to cuddle with. Even better is that you can store your child's pajamas and extra clothes right inside the product! Talk about convenience and the benefits of taking less luggage on vacation.

How it's Different from Competitors

Stuffies are different from other storage bins because this is a toy that actually becomes a toy chest. Avoid clutter and just throwing everything all over the place. Other toy chests can be bulky and an eye sore. This is not the case with stuffies. Children love their stuffies and this product teaches children that it is what is on the inside the counts. It teaches children to protect the items they cherish the most - to keep them safe. By putting your most important things inside your stuffie, you are giving literal meaning to the phrase "it is what is on the inside that’s important".

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