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Supreme Pilate Pro is an at home work out machine that is meant to save you time and space while you exercise. Instead of driving to the gym and then back – you can now do Pilates comfortably in your own home. Just minutes a day on this machine will help you achieve a leaner body. When not in use, you can fold away this machine in order to save space in your home. Thus, there will not be any bulky equipment in your house – but you will still have the benefit of a workout machine.


  • Comes Assembled
  • There is no assembly required with the Supreme Pilates Pro. It already comes pre-assembled and ready to use. This means you will not have to fiddle with nuts, bolts, screws or confusing instructions. Just unfold the machine and begin your Pilates routine.

  • Great For All Levels
  • No matter what fitness level you are, this machine can be used by you. All ages, fitness levels and sizes can use this machine comfortably and still get a great workout. Simply go at your own pace and intensity to get a complete workout.


  • Comes With 5 Dvds
  • This Pilates machine comes with five workout DVDs, so you do not have to know any Pilates moves in order to get started. Simply pop a DVD into your player and follow along. The first DVD is an introductory video that takes you through the basics. Then, the following four DVDs give you a variety of workouts that target every part of your body.

  • 2 Hold Straps Included
  • For extra support and resistance, this machine also comes with two hold straps. These can be used for either your feet or hands, depending on which workout you are doing. Additionally, they offer more control during your exercise and ensure you maintain the proper posture.


  • Must Set Aside Time
  • While this machine can be great for someone that is home often, it is not as convenient for someone who works outside of the house. Women or men who are outside of the house all day might find it difficult to get the full benefit out of this Pilates machine.

  • Requires Space
  • If you live in a cramped apartment or a shared space, this machine might be too big for your living area when fully unfolded. Make sure to have at least 5 feet lengthwise and two feet in width available for this machine – as this is how big it is when fully unfolded.

How It Works

This machine can be unfolded from its three foot by 2.5 foot dimensions into its full extended version. After it is unfolded, pop in one of the included DVDs for workout instructions. Follow the video until the workout is complete. Then, refold Supreme Pilates Pro into its storage position and put it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Easy To Move?
  • Yes, the Supreme Pilates Pro has attached wheels, making it easy to move around.

  • Is It Safe?
  • Yes, the Supreme Pilates Pro is completely safe to use. Make sure you work out to your own fitness level and consult your doctor before starting a new workout routine.

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