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If you are looking to get a lift of your bust and give it an aesthetic boost sans all the hassles of straps, shoulder pads, hooks and wires, then look no further. The Supreme Silk Boost Bra gives you that “voluptuous busty cleavage” which goes a long way in enhancing your personality even more! The Supreme Silk Bra comes in two colors: nude and black. It also goes with any outfit that you could possibly think of, with its smooth and luxurious material that will look invisible under your top while giving you a fantastic boost from the front. This makes it an essential fashion item for your closet.

How It Works

Supreme Silk Boost Bra is built with self-supporting technology in the form of a special silicone gel within its lining. The technology enables the bra to stick to your skin securely while keep everything in place all throughout the day. This eliminates the need for the bra to have any straps, hooks and wires or anything that can possibly ruin you outfit and limit what you can wear.


  • Invisible Under Clothing
  • Since it sticks so firmly to the skin and features no straps for the shoulders and hooks at the back, the bra is almost invisible under any outfit you wear.

  • Completely Washable
  • The highly quality material that makes up this bra and the silicone gel are completely washable. So you can wash and wear the bra over and over again before it fails you.

  • One Size Fits All
  • The two-way foam cups of the Supreme Silk Boost bra will stretch to conform the natural shape of your chest not matter what size cup you wear to give a smooth and clean looking cleavage. This means that you don’t need to bother looking up what size bra you need by consulting a chart that may also get it wrong. .


  • Better Looking Cleavage
  • Since the Supreme Silk Bra promises to make you go up to two sizes bigger, this should guarantee you a voluptuous busty cleavage that is aesthetically pleasing and may increase overall attractiveness and self-confidence.

  • Designed For Maximum Comfort
  • The self-supporting technology also allows for maximum comfort when the bra is attached firmly to the skin. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust it though out the day which can be a little embarrassing if the bra doesn’t fit properly.

  • Has A Non-limiting Designing
  • As the bra doesn't feature straps, hooks and wires, therefore, its design allows for freedom without all these limiting factors. You don't need to observe these factors no more in order to keep the bra firmly in place while you go about with your daily activities. This also ensures that none of those limitation factors break on you and leave you with an embarrassing situation and with a useless bra.

  • Goes With Any Outfit
  • The bra will not restrict what you wear as it will go with anything in wardrobe while being discrete at it. Whether you are wearing a backless or a strapless dress, this particular bra will give you the much needed lift in the front, regardless, that will of course look amazing.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • The Company claims that if the bra does not give you the desired result, they will give back your money. This is something that can work well to your advantage because TV commercial products have a notorious reputation of not working as advertised.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach Cups To The Bust
  2. Grab the cups and place each one of them appropriately on your breasts and make sure they stick to the skin and completely cover the contours of each breast.

  3. Clip Cups Together
  4. After each of the cups have been placed securely and attached to the breasts, simply clip the cups together in the middle to lift your busts.

  5. Look Sexy
  6. Now just put on the top or dress that will display maximum cleavage to look sexy and be on your way.

Critical Advice

Little information is available on this particular line of bra, online or offline, on whether it works or not. That said, we have looked at similar types of bras and gathered enough user opinions to make a speculation about their effectiveness. For many women, these products do work and provide the desired effect. However, most other women are of the opinion were either too big or too small for their breast.

Save Time

While the Supreme Silk Bra may make your chest area look attractive, it also serves a practical function of being very time saving. This particular bras can be easily put on without the need to bother about straps and hooking them in. Also, you don't need to worry about adjusting the bra to make sure it fits perfectly. The removal process too is a snap because of the same. Say goodbye too those push up bras for getting the perfect cleavage. Those bras are not only a pain to use, but also time consuming to put on right while trying to free yourself from their limitations. Since the Supreme Silk Bra goes with any outfit, you don’t have to waste time trying to pick the appropriate bra to go with the outfit you are trying to wear.


According to the infomercial, the Supreme Silk Bra is guaranteed to make you look two bra sizes bigger while offering maximum support and sexiness. You don’t need to bother with a push bra to maximum on your attractiveness anymore. The manufacturer of the Supreme Silk Boost Bra also promises that the bra will fit comfortable and conform to the shape and size your chest area. They also claim that the bra will fit easily and will remain in place all the time. If you are looking to feel confident and beautiful all throughout the day and even in the night, this bra is for you.

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Kayla | Fort Huachuca, AZ | 24 Jan 2017

I purchased one of the Supreme silk boost bras and it was terrible! It definantly gives cleavage, but it flattens out the rest. I purchased a size bigger, as their site suggested, so that the cleavage would be more subtle. It was not. I looked like I had grown a butt on my chest. Apparently, its supposed to be comfortable. It was not. It felt like it was trying to rip my breasts off. It is a terrible design and I wish I had been able to find any form of review before I purchased it.

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