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Sweep Easy is a broom that is designed to also be a scraper tool. This device is embedded into the center of the broom’s bristles, making it a quick and easy way to scrape gunk off the floor without the need for additional tools. It is the same size as any standard broom, but has the versatility of multiple cleaning tools combined into one. Thus, it is an ideal tool for quick cleanup in busy areas.


  • Scraper Tool
  • The scraper tool that ejects when needs on this broom makes it a unique combination broom. Instead of needing to reach for something to scrape the floor with, you can simply eject the scraper and lift the sticky mess off the floor. Then, you are able to quickly clean up the mess with your broom. Thus, its design creates a hassle free cleaning experience.

  • Striking Blue Color
  • This broom has bristles that are boldly colored. Their blue hue is both stylish and appealing to the eyes. Thus, this broom is fun to look at while being useful in many cleaning situations.


  • No Dustpan
  • This broom does not come with a dustpan to collect the dirt you clean. While it is a versatile tool for sweeping dirt off the floor and scraping sticky substances, it does not provide you with an easy way to get rid of the mess.

  • Not Foldable
  • Its handle does not retract. Thus, this broom is convenient for traveling or transporting to other areas. This is due to its large handle that does not fold for easy transportation.

How It Works

Sweep Easy works like any other broom, sweeping away dust and debris with angled bristles at the bottom of its long handle. If you encounter something sticky on the floor, such as gum, you are able to use the scraper in the center of the broom to lift the gum off the floor. Then, you may brush away the remnants to reveal a clean floor.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use In Daycare Center
  2. Children are known to occasionally spill and drop things. Some of these dropped items will be sticky and difficult to clean. Sweep Easy will ensure that even cleaning up after children is easy and fast.

  3. Keep Handy At Restaurants
  4. If you work in a restaurants or own a food establishment, this can be a useful tool for you. Having a Sweep Easy can minimize the cleaning tools you need and will help you keep your floors clean without needing to bend over for sticky messes on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will It Lift Stickers?
  • Yes, Sweep Easy is strong enough to lift stickers off of the floor. It is designed to withstand the pressure that is applied when attempting to remove sticky substances from floors. Thus, it can lift messes such as stickers and even gum.

  • Will It Lift Tape?
  • Yes, Sweep Easy is able to remove tape off of the floor. It has a sturdy scraper that can lift even the most stubborn sticky messes, allowing you to easily sweep away the debris.

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