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The Swirlio is a device that’ll make frozen treats that taste just like ice cream, only without as many calories, and with less fat and refined sugars. Swirlio-created treats will also be dairy-free and gluten free. You only need one type of ingredient, frozen fruit, to make tasty dessert dishes of all kinds. You’ll be guilt-free when eating them since you’ll know they are healthy.

How It Works

Once your frozen fruit enters the Swirlio, this device swirls and churns it, emulsifying it and adding air. Therefore, as it comes out of the chute, you will see it has the same velvety texture as smooth ice cream. You're able to put more than one kind of frozen fruit through at the same time in order to create unique flavors.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prepare Fruit
  2. Cut up any frozen fruit, such as bananas or pineapple, that you wish to use within your frozen treat.

  3. Put Fruit In Device
  4. Place the frozen fruit in the bowl located on the top of your Swirlio machine.

  5. Get Dish Ready
  6. Get a dessert dish ready underneath the machine to catch the emulsified fruit as it comes out.

  7. Push Down With Wand
  8. Using the included plastic "wand, " push down on the fruit. This will allow it to enter the machine and begin being swirled.

  9. Top And Enjoy
  10. When it comes out into your dish, you'll see that your frozen fruit has been turned into a substance that closely resembles ice cream. Cover it with your favorite toppings and dig in!

  11. Wash Parts
  12. After use, you'll need to wash all parts of your Swirlio except for the base. If they aren't that dirty, you can just rinse them with water, but if they are, they're safe to put in the dishwasher.

Positive Points

  • Good For Diabetics
  • Diabetics need to avoid sugar that's been added to products, but they sometimes can tolerate a bit of the natural sugar present in fruit. Luckily, this is the only type of sugar that treats from a Swirlio contain.

  • Unlikely To Contain Allergens
  • Many people are allergic to gluten and dairy, two ingredients present in many store-bought ice cream treats. When you use the Swirlio, you won't have an allergic reaction unless you're allergic to fruit, since it's the only ingredient Swirlio treats are made with.

  • Know What You're Getting
  • With store-bought ice cream products, people often don't know the technical names of ingredients on the label, so they don't know exactly what they're eating. When you use the Swirlio, you put all your fruit in yourself, so you will know what's going in your mouth.

  • Five Shades Available
  • When selecting a Swirlio, you can choose from purple, black, white, green and red versions.

  • Comes With Recipe Book
  • For those of you who are unsure of where to start when making treats with your Swirlio, each comes with a book full of yummy recipes.

Save Money

By using the Swirlio, you will save money you would otherwise spend on treats at ice cream parlors. Most Swirlio treats cost a dollar or less to make, while your treat at a parlor will likely cost you a few dollars.


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