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Tac Light by Bell and Howell is a flashlight that has a strong beam. It also has a strobe mode to stun intruders. The flashlight is very durable and is not easily damaged or harmed. You can even use it underwater or at subzero temperatures. This light is very bright and so is beneficial no matter how dark it is.


  • Brightness
  • According to the infomercial, the light of this torch is a lot brighter than normal flashlights. This means that you can use it in a pitch black space and be able to see everything clearly. It is claimed that this flashlight has a 22 times brighter light.

  • Distance
  • The light of this torch can be seen from up to two nautical miles away, so even far away objects are visible with this light.

  • Guarantee
  • This torch is guaranteed to work for life without any breakage or damage. The infomercial claims that this torch will not be damaged by water, strong impact or even if frozen or dropped in boiling water.

  • Compact
  • Tac Light by Bell and Howell is light weight and so can be carried everywhere.

Negative Points

  • No Specifications Mentioned
  • Tac lights, or tactical flashlights, are meant to be used in emergency situations. Therefore an infomercial should contain all specifications to help the user decide if he or she wants to buy it. However, this product ad does not mention what type of bulb it uses, what is the beam distance and what sort of batteries are present in the torch. All this is vital information that must be mentioned as it can help a buyer choose what they want to purchase.

  • Attachment To A Weapon
  • As tactical lights are mostly used by military people or those who hunt, they also need to know if it can be attached to a weapon or not. This information is also not provided.

  • Battery Life
  • With regular use, the battery of the flashlight tends to wear down. The exact time the flashlight can work for has not been mentioned. We are not told about the battery life of this product. You will have to charge the flashlight on a regular basis after you are done using it.

  • Glass Front
  • Although the commercial claims that the flashlight body cannot be broken, yet the front of the torch is made of glass, which can break on high impact with solid ground or with something sharp. Therefore, be careful while handling this device.

How it's Different from Competitors

This flashlight by Bell and Howell costs less than other similar flashlights in the market. However, as far as the features are concerned, there is nothing particularly unique or special about this light. It has several features and modes, but so do a lot of other flashlights out there. The torch fulfills its purpose, though, and does provide bright light, just like all other tactical flashlights do.

Critical Advice

Tac Light, by Bell and Howell, is a good product that provides bright light even in the darkest of places. This product has an SOS mode, a low mode for when the battery is down, and a strobe mode. However, keep in mind that the producers of this torch have failed to provide us with a lot of information that is needed to decide which flashlight to buy. People of the military, in particular, need this information; so do those who regularly hunt. Therefore, be cautious when purchasing this flashlight.


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