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Tac Zoom is a product used on different cameras that can boost the zooming distance of said camera. This product was inspired by surveillance technology used in military drones. The idea is that it allows for maximum zooming ( like binoculars or a telescope ) while still being able to capture high definition pictures and videos. It can be attached to any camera including those on smart phones and tablets.


  • Sharp, High Definition Images
  • Tac Zoom does not sacrifice image quality when getting close up shots. The images are crisp and very sharp with no reduction in picture quality. It can capture any moment with great clarity.

  • Zoom Boost
  • Boosts the zooming capability of any device up to 12 times it's original capacity. Can take pictures from long distances.

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • There is a lifetime guarantee on the product in case it gets damaged or destroyed.

  • Micro Lens
  • One particularly interesting feature is the MIcor Lens, which captures incredibly small images and all of their tiniest details. An example photo used on the official website shows a close up of a ladybug in great detail.

  • Wide Angle Lens
  • The opposite feature is the wide angle lens used for group photos. This can be useful when you can't quite fit in everyone into the traditional camera angle. Group and family photos become much easier with this option.

  • Fish Eye Lens
  • For those wanting a bit of flair in their photos, the Fish Eye Lens makes the picture seem as if it is from the perspective of an actual pair of eyes ( hence the name ). It gives a silly and kooky look to your photos, which can have some hilarious and interesting results.

Positive Points

  • Picture Quality
  • Tac Zoom boosts the photo quality by giving more definition to surroundings and details. This makes the pictures clearer, brighter, and overall better looking.

  • Flexibility
  • Tac Zoom can be used on all sorts of devices. You can put it on your phone to capture a beautiful scene in the distance, or switch to a tablet to get a nice family photo. It also attaches to webcams which can be useful for recording videos and video chatting with loves ones.

  • Zooming Capability
  • Having a better zoom has a lot of benefits. It means you can stop worrying about getting front row seats at your child's school play. You can also snap fantastic environmental photos without getting too close to a dangerous animal or natural hazard.

  • Durability
  • This product is based off of high grade military equipment, so it certainly is not very fragile. You can be sure that the lense will be relatively stable and will not break very easily.

  • Portability
  • This lens is very small and can fit in your pocket or handbag. You won't need to buy a camera bag to lug it around all the time. It is also very easy to get it out and attach it to your phone, so you don't have to worry about not capturing fleeting moments.


The infomercial does a good job of explaining the product and possible benefits to that product. There are plenty of examples of photos and videos taken by Tac Zoom which allows viewers to get a better sense of how their photos will look through Tac Zoom. It shows the range and power of the lens' zooming capabilities by showing it can show something as far away as a star in space, or a tiny creature on a tree branch. The infomercial also takes the time to emphasize the uniqueness of this lens when compared to its competitors. In terms of price, this lens is said to cost almost one thousand dollars less than most similar quality lenses.

How It Works

The Tac Zoom uses the same technology that powers military grade surveillance equipment. One reason that the picture quality is so high is because these types of lenses do not just zoom in. They also create a sharper image that boosts every tiny detail that the lens can pick up on.

Easy to Use

  1. Clip It On And Go
  2. Tac Zoom is very easy to use. All you have to do is clip it on to the desired device and then zoom in your photo. You also have three lenses to choose from instead of complicated and confusing menus with different insignificant effects.


    • Canon Telephoto Zoom Lens Kit
    • Canon is a widely known camera producer that also produces lenses that are used on smartphones. The kit includes lenses that auto focus and create high quality photos. This kit also comes with a lens holder to ensure the lens stays in place when used.

    • Apexel Telephoto Lens Kit
    • This telephoto lens kit comes with four different lenses including a manual focus lens, fish eye lens, macro lens and wide angle lens. The Apexel lenses are made to be used on Iphone, Samsung, HTC, Google, and Huawei phones. Also comes with a removable lens and lens holder.

    • Lingwei Telescope Camera Lens
    • This telescope camera lens is made specifically for Samsung phones. It has a built in auto focus and increases zooming capability without sacrificing picture quality. This product creates an increased zooming capability of up to eighteen times what is normal for the device. Three lenses come with each purchase including fish eye, wide angle, and macro lenses. There is also a tripod to make holding the phone still easier.

    • Hizek Lens Kit
    • This lens kit is specifically designed for phones. It has a high resolution and increases zoom capability by a factor of 12. The black case protects the lens from scratches and damage and clips right onto your phone.

    How it's Different from Competitors

    In terms of photographic lenses that can be used on small devices, there seems to be a certain choice. Either the product will be cheap with less features and lower picture quality, or the lens will have high definition quality with a more expensive price. Tac Zoom stands out as a relatively cheap option while still maintaining the picture quality of military grade surveillance equipment. It also is one of the only telephoto lenses that can be used on so many different types of phones and devices. Most other lenses do not have offers like the lifetime guarantee and free shipping that Tac Zoom has. Overall, this lens seems like a solid choice who want high quality zoomed in photos without breaking the bank.


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