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Just as a dermatologist uses blue light technology to clear acne, Tanda Zap works in the same manner. Tanda Zap is recommended by dermatologists, which uses vibrations and warming to clear away blemishes - without irritating the skin. It works instantly, and you will see results in as little as 24 hours. This product causes no dryness, redness, or irritation.


  • Clinical Results
  • Tanda Zap uses the same techniques that a dermatologist uses - without the hefty price tag. It causes no redness, irritation, or dryness and works immediately.

  • A Portable Product
  • With this product, you don’t have to stay at home to cleanse your face of acne. It comes in a convenient design that fits in your pocket. While away from home, you can still stick to your face routine with ease when using this product on a regular basis.


  • Strict Instructions
  • You have to cleanse your face, then hold the light on until the vibration stops - which could take up to two minutes. Repeat this process two to three times a day for best results. This prolonged routine can quickly feel cumbersome.

  • No Recharging Feature
  • Unlike other products, there is no recharging feature for Tanda Zap. It runs off of 3 AAA batteries. For those who dislike replacing batteries and keeping spare ones around – this can quickly become a hassle.


  • 1000,2 Minute Treatments
  • You will get 1000,2 minute treatments from this product.

  • No Harmful Side Effects
  • Since Tanda Zap uses LED lights, there are no harmful side effects. Tanda Zap doesn’t use any chemicals to burn or make the skin sensitive. Light therapy has been helping people for a long time, and has been proven to be beneficial.


By pressing the orange button, the blue light will light up and the Tanda Zap will vibrate. The warming opens up the pores - helping the light to reach the grime easier. Tanda Zap is portable and helps you live your life while still treating your face right. Results happen as soon as 24 hours and continuous use will prevent from future acne breakouts.

How It Works

When used properly, the blue light works below the surface and cleans out the dirt left behind after you cleanse your face. The warming effect helps open the pores, clean them and prevent further acne problems. Its vibrations help relieve inflammation.


  • Visit A Dermatologist
  • Although a dermatologist is skilled in their job, they are quiet pricey and will put you through lots of creams before finding the right treatment. This, too, can cost a lot of time and money. Most creams prescribed by dermatologists are chemical-based.

  • Over-the-counter Cleansers
  • Over-the-counter cleansers can be much cheaper than a dermatologist. Without knowing the chemical makeup of the cleansers, you may be causing more harm than good. Some cleansers claim to be all-natural - but may have astringent or another non-labeled chemical in reality. Still, this is a viable and convenient option for those on-the-go and looking for a quick solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does It Cause Irritation?
  • No. The Tanda Zap uses no chemicals and the blue light is LED - which is safe to touch.

  • Is It A Good Choice?
  • Tanda Zap works best for moderate acne. For severe acne, it is best to visit with a dermatologist.


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