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Tapout XT is an extreme 90-day mma workout that offers a workout program and a diet plan to help you reach your weight loss goals. You can also take on the 30-day challenge for relatively cheap, as the program wants to prove to you it really does work. Many users have been successful using this program - while others quit before seeing any results. Thus, Tapout XT is not for people looking for a low impact exercise program.


  • Easy To Follow
  • Whether you're new to working out or not, this program is said to be very simple and easy to follow for anyone.

  • Raves From Users
  • Reviews from customers who have used this product all state it was not only easy to follow, but that it really does work.


  • Isn't Easily Modified
  • One problem with Tapout XT is that it isn't easily modified for people who can't do some of the workouts.

  • Might Be Too Hard
  • This workout program will push you to your limits, causing many people to quit the program early. Don't expect it to be a walk in the park.


  • 12 Workout Dvds
  • Tapout XT includes 12 hardcore workout dvds to help get you looking good even after the initial 90-day period.

  • Free Gifts
  • Everyone who orders Tapout XT will receive 4 free gifts which include the 10-day slim down guide, weighted gloves, xt sports bottle and an xt towel.


The tapout videos claim to help you lose weight with their program. It will also get you fit, toned and keep you that way as long as you stick with the program while maintaining a healthy diet.

How It Works

The tapout program works by using all sorts of different workouts and working all of your different muscles, while still giving you a day of rest in between. This rest day is an essential component to help your body train hard and get the results you are after while on this training schedule.


  • Insanity
  • Insanity is focused more on high intensity cardio, which is great for some people. However, tapout uses a mixture of cardio, strength-training and resistance - so it is better suited for those looking to not only lose weight, but gain lots of muscle.

  • Rushfit
  • Rushfit is a mixed martial arts workout program that many mma experts use for training. Rushfit is said to be very similar as Tapout XT, but it is only an 8 week program - so may be better for people who are wanting to train much faster.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Follow The Nutritional Plan
  2. They provide you with a nutritional plan for a reason, so stick with it and the workouts will provide better results for you.

  3. Don't Skip Rest Days
  4. It can be counter-productive to your strength training if you skip your rest days. Don't over-train. Make sure you relax on your rest days, then get back to work again the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Does Xt Stand For?
  • The xt stands for extreme training.

  • What Equipment Is Needed?
  • The only equipment you will need is included in the box when you order Tapout XT.


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