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Teddy tank is a plush stuffed animal and a fish tank all in one. It’s a single toy, but double the fun. It comes in different adorable characters you can choose from.


  • Safe To Use
  • Teddy tank adheres to all regulations of the consumer product safety commission and has been tested for safety. The fish tank housed within the stuffed animal is also made of plastic to ensure children’s safety.

  • Led Light
  • Teddy tank has a led light which can be used as a nightlight.

  • Interactive
  • Teddy tank is an interactive toy. It is a lovable plush toy which can also be used as a fish tank, coin bank; storage for toys, sweets and pet food.

  • Fit For All Ages
  • You can never be too young or too old for teddy tank. It is suitable and entertaining for all ages.

  • Easy To Clean
  • If it gets dirty, there’s no need to worry. The fish tank can be easily removed from the plush toy. Both can be washed separately.


The infomercial shows the teddy tank as an interactive toy. Kids have fun dressing it up on the outside and using it to house their pet fish on the inside. They can also play with both at once. By feeding the push animal toy with pet food, the fishes in the tank get some snack too. Since the teddy tank comes with a led light, it can be used as a unique nightlight for children’s bedrooms. Teddy tank comes in many characters, such as a cute teddy, magical unicorn, playful monkey, silly penguin, and a lot more. Each character comes with a plastic shatter proof bowl that can be used as a fish tank and storage for other stuff. If you need presents for birthdays and other occasions, teddy tank would make a wonderful gift, too.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill The Tank With Water
  2. Fill up the plastic fish tank with ¾ room temperature water.

  3. Lay Plush Animal Flat
  4. Place the stuffed animal on a counter. Make sure that its body is lying flat.

  5. Place Tank On Animal’s Belly
  6. While the stuffed animal is flat on its back, place the fish tank in its belly opening.

  7. Stretch Upper Part
  8. Carefully take hold of the upper part of the body and stretch it over the top of the fish tank.

  9. Place The Fish Inside
  10. Place your pet fish inside the plastic tank.

  11. Stretch Elastic Head Over Tank
  12. With both your hands, stretch the elastic head band over the top portion of the plastic tank. Arrange it in a way that it covers the entire rim of the tank.

Critical Advice

It is important to use dechlorinator. The plastic bowl can be washed, but refrain from using household chemicals. Read and follow all instructions and warnings on the product’s package before use.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don’t Overfill With Water
  2. Never fill the plastic tank all the way. Fill only up to ¾ of the way.

  3. Use Betta Fish
  4. It is recommended that betta fish be use for the teddy tank since it is a great beginner pet and needs only little care.

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