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The Thigh Perfect exercise machine promises users a stronger, more toned lower body. Those who are seeking to improve the appearance of their legs, thighs or buttocks for a sexier look may benefit from working out with this machine. Regular use of Thigh Perfect also may increase balance and stability. This portable machine can be utilized anywhere. It comes with special resistance power bands that change the intensity of the workout for beginning, intermediate and advanced users.

How It Works

Thigh Perfect employs a patent-pending mechanism called Tracksion Flow Technology. This technology enables the machine to provide a workout for various muscle groups in the legs, thighs and buttocks.

Positive Aspects

  • Easy To Use
  • This machine requires no special skill or previous experience to operate. The workout consists of sliding one’s feet forwards, backwards and from side to side while in a seated position.

  • Easy To Store
  • Thigh Perfect can be folded up and stored unobtrusively whether the user is at home, at the office or on vacation. The machine’s lightweight, streamlined design allows it to be put away in seconds.

  • For All Levels
  • Novice exercisers, seasoned fitness fanatics and everyone in between can work out with Thigh Perfect. Users can switch out the resistance bands that come with the machine for different levels of difficulty.

Negative Aspects

  • Limited Range
  • The machine allows for only a few movements. With so few options to vary the workout, some users may get bored with Thigh Perfect after a while.

  • Part Replacement
  • The special resistance bands that are supplied with the machine may wear out over time after repeated use. So, the customer might need to spend more money to replace the bands periodically.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Sit Down
  2. Find a place to sit where there is enough space in front of you to move your legs back, forth and from side to side. The ground in front of your seat should be level.

  3. Open The Machine
  4. Unfold Thigh Perfect so that it will lie flat on the ground. Make sure that the machine is stabilized and that the tracks are locked into place.

  5. Position Feet
  6. Place your feet into the stirrups. For a better fit, put on sneakers before completing this step.

  7. Slide
  8. Move your feet apart and back together again in a sliding motion. Continue for the duration of the workout.


  • Users
  • Advertisements for Thigh Perfect depict women of various ages. However, no mention is ever made of whether men can or should work out with one of these machines. It also is not clear whether this product can be used safely by the elderly or by children.


  • Leg Perfect
  • This exercise machine works the lower body to help eliminate fat in many women’s problem areas. A free DVD workout series comes with the machine.

  • Thighglider
  • With this machine, the emphasis is placed on strengthening, toning and slimming the thighs. A resistance band to work the upper body is included.

  • Thighmaster
  • This one has been around for many years. The ThighMaster provides a workout by way of the repeated squeezing of the machine between the thighs. It also can be used to exercise the arms, chest and back.

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