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Thundershirt has a remarkable calming effect on anxious, overexcited or fearful cats. It reduces or eliminates cat anxiety and fear symptoms.


  • Perfect For Travel
  • Keeps your cat calm throughout your travel.

  • Great For Vet Visits
  • Makes your cat easier for vets to handle while being treated or examined.

  • Great For Grooming
  • Helps keep your cat stay still when groomed.

  • Drug Free
  • Does not use medications or chemicals.

How It Works

Thundershirt’s patented design calms your cat using gentle hugging. The tender, constant pressure significantly calms anxious, overexcited or fearful cats. According to experts, the pressure calms the nervous system, probably because it releases endorphins and other calming hormones. For years, the use of pressure has been used to reduce anxiety in both humans and animals. Parents swaddle their babies, since the gentle pressure soothes and comforts them. Before thundershirt, animal trainers achieve this pressure by wrapping dogs and cats with ace bandages. This helps solve issues like separation anxiety and fear of noises.

Positive Aspects

  • Easy To Use
  • You can put it on your cat in three easy steps.

  • Machine Washable
  • Thundershirt is washing machine safe. If needed, it can be washed in regular cycle. Use cold water and regular detergent. Hang to dry.

  • For Extended Wear
  • Thundershirt is safe to wear for extended periods of time when appropriate. Just follow the safety preacaution for extended use.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Offer Your Pet A Treat
  2. For first time users, offer your pet with a small food treat using the folder Thundershirt as a plate. Associating Thundershirt with food will help your pet become more comfortable and trusting with it.

  3. Lay Thundershirt Over Cat
  4. After giving your pet a food treat, gently lay thundershirt over its back, but don’t attach the straps. Your pet may remain still or try to move away. Just allow any reaction even if the thundershirt falls off.

  5. Place On Pet’s Back
  6. When your pet gets more familiar with thundershirt, place it on its back with the thundershirt logo facing up. Gently wrap the neck strap around your pet and secure them with fasteners. You can make sure that it is not too tight by easily sliding two or your fingers inside the neck straps.

  7. Wrap The Long Flap Under Torso
  8. Wrap the long flap under your pet’s torso and secure it with fasteners onto the short flap. Be sure that it is fitted snugly and comfortably.

  9. Wrap The Top Flap
  10. Wrap the top flap down onto the long flap and secure it with fasteners. You can adjust the fit to make sure that thundershirt is securely in place.

Critical Advice

Thundershirt comes in small, medium and large sizes. Make sure to check the table for the best fit. If your pet has unusual proportions, it is recommended that you go one size up or down from the standard measurements. Your pet may also need initial conditioning before wearing thundershirt, and may require several uses before you begin to notice improvement.


  • Not For Outdoor Cats
  • Thundershirt is not recommended for outdoor cats since it inhibits their capacity to escape from any potential predators.

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