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Tommy Copper provides compression support for men and women. They have items for knee support and back support, along with other types of compression articles. Compression articles are used for exercise, sports and pain management. This company was founded in 2011 and helps increase muscle and joint performance while reducing pain. Activated copper is infused into every fiber; it also releases ions that provide anti-microbial benefits that aid in the compression material reducing inflammation in joints.


  • Helps Relieve Pain In Joints
  • By wearing compression clothes, you can combat pain in your joints and ligaments. Compression material helps stabilize and support muscles, since gravity can cause inflammation in your joints. Additionally, compression fabric helps relieve the inflammation.

  • Multiple Benefits
  • The copper fibers increase oxygen transport, neutralize free radicals, improve muscle tone and emit ions. This helps to strengthen your muscles while relieving inflammation in your body.


  • Can Cause Allergies
  • The copper fibers can cause allergic reactions in some people. If an allergic reaction occurs, remove the items and contact Tommy Copper for a refund.

  • Doesn’t Always Work
  • There are lots of complaints about them being the wrong size and not working as stated. They have been known to roll down instead of staying on. Additionally, the copper added to the fabric doesn’t actually have any scientific proof that it offers any health benefit.


  • Many Options Of Clothing
  • Tommy Copper comes in socks, briefs, shirts and sleeves. The options are available in sizes small to 3 times extra large.

  • Color Options
  • There are 33 color options for the compression wear on Tommy Copper. This will give you many options for your daily and workout wear. You will be able to color coordinate with any outfit you have in your closet.


Montel williams sent Tommy Copper compression articles to viewers suffering with pain, and then followed up with them on how well it worked for them. Tommy Copper has helped them tremendously with reducing the pain they suffer from injuries to their knees and arms. The maker of Tommy Copper developed the line to help relieve his back pain from a car accident, where his back was broken. It has helped him deal with the pain and inflammation. Furthermore, Tommy Copper helps with arthritis pain and injuries, and helps you get a good night’s sleep without pain.

How It Works

Tommy Copper helps with joint and muscle mobility, improves blood circulation, dissipates heat, and helps with overall pain management. This brand helps with uv rays, wicking and aids with energizing you by increasing the oxygen in your body.

How it's Different from Competitors

Tommy Copper adds copper threading into its yarn for knitting the compression fabric; other compression companies don’t use this method. They also use a different knit structure than most companies, which helps them have the most compression abilities.


  • Skins Compression Wear
  • Skins compression wear uses a warp knit process to knit the fabric together. Also, they add just a bit of spandex to give it a little bit of stretch - but not so much spandex that it will stretch out. They also provide protection from getting runs and tears in the fabric. Additionally, they offer a float line to help aid with moisture management when wearing the compression articles.

  • Zensah Compression Wear
  • This company provides sleeves, socks and bra compression wear for sports activities. Zensah uses seamless technology that consists of a moisture wicking, ultra-breathable fabric that helps keep the athletes dry during their workouts.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Wear All Day
  2. For best results, you should wear your Tommy Copper compression gear all day. This will help with the elimination of inflammation and decrease the pain you are feeling.

  3. Sleep In The Sleeves
  4. Sleeping with the sleeves on can help with the pain you feel in your arms / wrists from arthritis or injury. It will reduce inflammation and help blood circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Some Benefits?
  • Tommy Copper helps in stabilizing muscles, providing relief for soreness and aiding in performance recovery. These can help you during exercise and after exercise. It can also aid you in recovery from accidents that cause inflammation.

  • Why Copper?
  • Copper increases oxygen, neutralizes free radicals and improves muscle tone. That is why Tommy Copper added it to his compression fabrics.

  • How Long Can You Wear It?
  • Since Tommy Copper compression wear only works if you wear it, they recommend that you wear it as much as possible. This will aid in helping reduce the pain and inflammation from injuries or exercise.

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