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Torch Lite is a magnetic, portable light that can be used as a small lamp or a flashlight. It contains 33 bright, powerful LED lights so it can light up an entire room at once, and it will provide more than 100,000 hours of lighting. There are various ways to use the Torch Lite hands-free, and it will both tilt and swivel, maximizing your lighting options.


  1. Walking At Night
  2. When you're walking the dog at night, or just taking a walk alone, you can use the Torch Lite as a flashlight. It will help you see where you're going, along with helping you see obstacles, such as puddles, objects to trip over, or even predators.

  3. Patio
  4. If you attach the Torch Lite to a metal surface with its magnetic base, you can use it as a light on your patio as you relax at night. For those who have a pool, having the light out there will make night swimming much safer, and will reduce the risk of non-swimmers falling in.

  5. Garage
  6. Whether you're working in your garage during the evening, or coming in after a late night at work, the Torch Lite will make seeing in the dark much easier.

  7. Dark Nooks And Crannies
  8. If you have to go into a dark nook or cranny ( such as under the sink ) to fix something, having this light with you will reduce any difficulties.

  9. Power Outages
  10. Due to the Torch Lite's ability to provide reliable light for up to 100,000 hours, it is ideal to use during a power outage. You can set it up as a light to illuminate a room, or use it as a flashlight to read or use a battery-operated device in bed.

  11. Table Or Desk Lamp
  12. The Torch Lite shines enough light to be used as an effective table lamp. Plus, it won't take up much room on the table. It is an ideal choice for a computer desk if you frequently use the computer at nighttime.

  13. Closet
  14. The Torch Lite has a built-in hook, so it can be hung in a normally dark closet, and this will allow you to see things better when you look inside.

Positive Points

  • Magnetic Base
  • Aside from allowing you to attach the Torch Lite to a metal surface, its magnetic base is useful in other ways. For instance, it will lift up to two pounds, and is great for picking up stray screws and nails, plus small tools.

  • Six Pre-set Tilt Positions
  • You can tilt the Torch Lite up to 180 degrees if you need to shine it on something at a certain angle. To do so, choose from any of the six pre-set positions for tilting.

  • Will Rotate In Full Circle
  • The Torch Lite will also rotate a full 360 degrees when hanging on its built-in hook, so you can easily see every corner of a dark room or closet.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • This light has been sturdily designed and constructed, so it will last a long time, even if it is frequently dropped. It is also able to withstand bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, so you can keep it outside all the time if you like.

Save Money

When you invest in a Torch Lite, you won't need to buy as many flashlights. If you need a flashlight, just remove the Torch Lite from where it's hanging or resting and temporarily use it as one, returning it to its original place later.

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