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The Big Boss Torpedo Blender is both a high-powered blender and juicer in one. This blender’s powerful 600-watt motor will blend virtually anything, allowing you to create both hot and cold things to eat. It contains six powerful, sawlike blades that quickly pulverize almost any food, even hard ones, and its container will hold 50 ounces of any substance.

How It Works

The Torpedo Blender’s powerful motor and sharp, jagged blades work together to quickly and efficiently blend or juice. To convert the machine to a juicer, all you need to do is add one of the two juicing screens that control pulp. You can remove it once you need to blend again. This machine has three settings: on, which means it will run steadily; pulse, which gives a user manual control; and auto, which is offered due to Smart Electronic Technology. On the auto setting, you can set the machine to run on its own via an internal computer, and then walk away while it does your work for you. Once you’re done blending or juicing a substance, you can dispense it by using the included beverage dispenser, which will dispense a liquid in nine seconds flat.


  1. Smoothies And Shakes
  2. Like a traditional blender, you can use the Torpedo Blender to make healthy smoothies and shakes, including protein shakes. You can even put the fruit in whole.

  3. Juice
  4. If you're not in the mood for a thicker smoothie, you can also use the machine to make traditional juice.

  5. Coffee Drinks
  6. The Torpedo Blender will grind coffee beans for standard coffee. Plus, if you want a delicious specialty coffee drink, you can just blend them up with ice and milk in the machine.

  7. Grinding Meat
  8. The blender will effectively grind up meat, such as hamburger, for you to use in a casserole, on pizza, or in any other dish you choose.

  9. Chopping Fruits And Veggies
  10. Additionally, the Torpedo Blender will chop up fruits and vegetables for you to use in salads and other dishes.

  11. Grating Cheese
  12. This device is an effective cheese grater. Its blades will even smash through the hardest of cheeses.

  13. Frozen Desserts
  14. If you use this machine to blend fruit with milk or yogurt and ice, you can make yummy ice cream or frozen yogurt.

  15. Margaritas
  16. When you add alcohol to a fruit and ice mix, you'll be able to use the Torpedo Blender to make margaritas for a dinner party.

  17. Peanut Butter
  18. The Torpedo Blender will even grind up nuts so that you can create homemade peanut butter or other nut butters.

  19. Sauces
  20. Finally, you can use your blender to make great-tasting sauces to use with many different meals, such as pesto dip and salad dressings.

Positive Points

  • No-spill Collar
  • A no-spill collar is included with the Torpedo Blender, so you can add whatever ingredients to it that you want to without them spilling over the sides. This is especially beneficial when you want to add something rather runny, like yogurt or pieces of watermelon.

  • Vented Safety Lid
  • The blender's vented lid allows you to cook hot dishes, like soup, without overheating the blender and making the top pop off. It also allows you to add additional ingredients after the blender has been turned on. Furthermore, as a safety feature, your blender won't turn on until the lid is securely in its place.

  • Comes With Recipe Book
  • To get you started with using your Torpedo Blender, a recipe book containing more than 100 recipes is provided with it.

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Poor Results

Mary Pizzica | Aberdeen, WA | 25 May 2017

Used it about ten times and now won't start. Waste of money.

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