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Tru-Balance slippers are comfortable indoor footwear for women with orthopedic technology built within them. They will help relieve pain in your feet, ankles, knees, and lower back while supporting your arches and metatarsal bones. The slippers come in a variety of sizes and colors; plus, they stretch for a custom fit. Their outer shell is machine washable.

How It Works

When you walk around in heels, barefoot, or wearing standard slippers on a regular basis, this is hard on your feet. Doing so causes your arches to collapse and your bones to be thrown out of alignment, two things which can result in pain throughout the entire lower body. The Tru-Balance slippers will reduce any pain you may be experiencing, due to the fact that they lift your arches and return your bones to their proper positions.


  1. Walking After Work
  2. Even if you have to wear less comfortable shoes during your workday, you can put on your Tru-Balance Slippers immediately after getting home, and enjoy comfort. The slippers have a non-slip grip that enables you to walk on smooth surfaces, like tile or wood floors, without slipping.

  3. Sitting
  4. These slippers are great to wear as you sit and relax on the couch or in a chair, too, and will reduce the chances of your joints stiffening up.

Positive Points

  • Developed By Orthotist
  • The technology used within the slippers was developed by an orthotist with 40 years of experience, Jack Milbourn.

  • Durable Material
  • The outer shells of the Tru-Balance Slippers are made out of durable neoprene, with venting for breathability, while the inside footbeds are made with durable Plastazone foam.

  • Three Colors Available
  • The slippers come in black, pink, and navy, so you can choose the color that goes best with your favorite pajamas, or get all three.

  • Two Sizes Available
  • Although the Tru-Balance Slippers will stretch for a custom fit, you have the choice between two sizes. These are medium, which fits shoe sizes six to seven, and large, which fits sizes eight to ten.

Negative Points

  • No Men's Sizes
  • Undoubtedly, there are a lot of men who need and desire orthopedic comfort, too, but these slippers are not available in men's sizes. Even if a man were to fit in a women's size, the style of this footwear looks quite feminine.

  • Not Suitable For Outdoor Use
  • While you can wear Tru-Balance Slippers outdoors, it's not recommended, as they were not designed with sturdy street soles. Therefore, if you decided to wear them at work, you'd have to walk or drive there with a different pair of shoes on and change.

  • No Specialty Sizes
  • It's wonderful that the slippers come in two different sizes, but it would be even better if they came in specialty sizes for women, such as extra-wide or extra-small.


On the infomercial, both a flight attendant who spends all day walking around, and a yoga teacher who teaches in bare feet are shown. Both of these women say that they can't wait to get home and put their Tru-Balance slippers on at the end of each workday.

Save Time

By wearing Tru-Balance slippers, you will save the time you would likely otherwise have to spend treating yourself or being treated for lower body pain.

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