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True Touch is a grooming glove that can be used to remove shedding hair from your pet dog or cat. It is soft and calming, and mimics the feel of a real hand. The glove also gets rid of dirt and debris, thus keeping your pet clean and tidy.


  • Grooming Tips
  • This product has more than 175 grooming tips, which are firm yet gentle. Thus, your dog or your cat does not get injured or harmed when it is groomed with this glove.

  • Five Fingers
  • The glove is just like a real hand with fingers. Its five fingers make grooming easier, as you can reach all the parts of the animal, and thus, remove shedding hair from everywhere. The dog or the cat also feels comfortable as it feels like it is being petted.

  • Hair Can Be Peeled Off
  • When you pet your dog or your cat while wearing this glove, hair will stick to it. You can then simply peel the hair off and throw them away. This will also remove the dirt trapped under the hair.

  • Versatile
  • True Touch is perfect for dogs and cats with all types of hair, long or short.

Positive Aspects

  • Good For All Sizes
  • Dogs and cats of all sizes can be groomed with this glove.

  • Clean House
  • Using this glove will ensure that you remove the hair that is shed. Therefore, it is assured that the hair will not shed inside the house. In this way, your house will remain clean and you will not be exposed to animal hair. This is particularly useful if you have someone in the house who is allergic to animal fur.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are several other grooming gloves in the market. Therefore, this is not a unique product. If you want to buy a grooming glove, it is best to compare prices before you pick one out. All such products work more or less the same, and this particular item is no better, if not worse than its competitors.

Negative Points

  • Bristles
  • The bristles of this glove are durable, yet they can break. Over time, and with regular use, they may get damaged and then would not work perfectly.

  • Size
  • This grooming glove comes in a single standard size. While the size is large and will not be too small for anyone, it may prove too large for some people. For such people, wearing this glove and then removing shedding hair may become very uncomfortable and cumbersome.

  • Only For Dogs And Cats
  • This product is meant only for dogs and cats. While these are the most common pets, there are other animals kept as pets that also shed fur, such as rabbits. However, such animals are too small to be groomed with this product.

  • Animal Cleanliness
  • True Touch claims to clean not only hair but also the dirt and debris trapped beneath hair, thus leaving your animal clean and hygienic. However, you cannot compare this cleanliness to that obtained by bathing your pet. Scrubbing brushes may be more uncomfortable but they perform a more thorough job as far as cleaning is concerned.

Critical Advice

People who are allergic to animal fur should not use this product. While shed hair does stick to the bristles, some of it may get away and illicit an allergic response, which may prove to be dangerous. If you are allergic to fur, let someone else in the house do this cleaning work with True Touch.

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