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TrueCar is a website consumers can use to find the best price on a vehicle they want to purchase. You simply go to the website, enter your information and the information on the vehicle you want to purchase. Then, you will receive TrueCar certificates to present the dealership. Present the certificates to the dealership to purchase a car with no price haggling.


  • No Haggling
  • You never have to haggle on the price of your new car. TrueCar affiliated dealerships will accept the price you get from the website without hassle.

  • Simplifies Purchases
  • It simplifies the process of purchasing a vehicle. You use the website to find the vehicle you want and present your True Car certificate to the True Car certified dealership.


  • Must Contact Dealership
  • You have to contact the dealership after finding the vehicle you want to ensure they have the vehicle in stock.

  • Price-based Purchase
  • You are buying your vehicle based on price. This means you may not select a vehicle that best suits your needs or tastes.


  • Easy To Use Platform
  • TrueCar is easy to use. All you need is your zip code and TrueCar. Com will guide you through the process of selecting the vehicle you want.

  • New And Used Cars
  • The website features both new and used car prices. You can select used car from the homepage, and get your questions answered.

How It Works

TrueCar is a website where you can see what people in your area have paid for the vehicle you want to buy. You go to the website and enter your zip code and the information on the vehicle you want to purchase. The process is guided and you start by selecting the make and model of the vehicle. Then, you are guided through the process of choosing features. Once you have selected the vehicle and features you want, you are shown a graph of prices and what the vehicle is selling for in your area. This allows you see if you will get a good price on the vehicle. Later, you are also shown what your monthly payment might be should you choose to finance. After entering your phone number and email address you will be given certificates to present to the dealerships who are TrueCar. Com affiliates.

How it's Different from Competitors

One of TrueCar’s competitors is Costco. Costco is a member’s only service. They will put you in contact with a dealership that is part of Costco’s membership program. You cannot get a price before you go to the dealership. Another competitor is buying straight from the dealership. When you do this, you have to go to the dealership and work with a salesperson. You will have to negotiate price or payment in person.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Call Before You Go
  2. The most important thing to remember when you use TrueCar is to call the dealership before you go. You do not want to waste a drive to the dealership if they do not have the car you want. Although you can chose any features available on the TrueCar website, that does not mean the dealership has the car with the features or color that you want.


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