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The trusty cane is the cane that people can feel confident trusting. It provides secure and reliable support on any surface. This amazing product allows people to get up and get active without feeling unsafe.


  • Safe
  • The trusty cane is 100 percent safe to use. This cane allows people to stand up and walk with support they can feel confident with. No matter where they are going, this cane provides them with the safe, support they need.

  • Locks In Place
  • Not only can people adjust the trusty cane in order to coordinate with their height but it also securely locks in place. This shows that people can trust this cane no matter what as it remains right in place all day long.


  • Hard Grip
  • The main handle of the trusty cane is hard, not soft. This means that it may cause hands to become sore when it is used for a long period of time.

  • Bulky
  • Compared to other canes on the market, the trusty can is much bulkier in size. It can fold up but when it is set in place, it is rather wide and bulky.


  • Led Lights
  • For safe walking even in dark areas, the trusty cane features led bulbs. These ultra-bright led bulbs light the path ahead to illuminate the ground along the user’s feet. There are bulbs in total built into the canes handle.

  • Fold Up Structure
  • The trusty cane boasts a fold up structure which makes it a great option for people who are on the go. This revolutionary can be folded up into a compact device for easy travel and simple storage when not in use.


Trusty cane is the one cane that people can trust to provide them with secure and reliable support on any surface. This can feature a triple tread base that is designed to improved stability for natural stride. It also has the ability to fold up for easy travel. With built in led lights and a trip tread base, people finally have the support they need when they have the trusty cane by their side.

How It Works

Trusty cane’s triple tread base is designed to improve stability for a more natural stride wherever people go. It also features a folding design which makes it more convenient for people to take with them. For extra security, two bright led bulbs provide light for dark or simple nighttime walking.

How it's Different from Competitors

The trusty cane is different from any other cane because it is secure. Many other canes will slip and fall when in use, but the trust cane holds its grip.


  • Hurrycane
  • The hurrycane is similar to the trust cane because it can also be folded up into a compact size. This all-terrain cane can stand alone for maximum support, no matter where the user may be traveling off to.

  • Go Anywhere Cane
  • The go anywhere can features pivot action for extreme stability. This cane feature a rounded handle so it is easy to hold on to. Unlike the trusty cane, this cane does not have the ability to stand on its own.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use The Lights
  2. When walking around at night, do not hesitate to use the LED Lights built into the Trusty Cane. These will provide your with just the right amount of light, so your can get from point A to point B without danger.

  3. Follow Instructions
  4. Be sure to read through the instructions that come with the trusty cane. These will show you just how to fold it up without damaging it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Batteries Needed?
  • Yes, the trusty cane needs 3 aa batteries. These will power the led lights.

  • How Many Heights Are There?
  • The trusty cane can be adjusted to five different heights, the lowest being 31 inches and the tallest being 38 inches.

  • What Is The Cane’s Capacity?
  • The trusty cane can safely support up to 250 pounds.

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