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Tummy stuffers is a decorative, plush bag designed for holding various household objects and clothes.


  • Child Friendly Design
  • Tummy stuffers are plush animals that are also a bag. The opening is the mouth of the design, so when clothes, games, or toys are put inside, it appears that the plush animal is eating the items. Ideally, this makes putting things inside of the tummy stuffers fun.

  • Plush
  • Tummy stuffers are stuffed animals on top of being bags. This is much more appealing to children, as they have a soft animal design rather than just being a plain bag.

  • Fullness Indicator
  • The tummy stuffers are designed so that they show the contents of the bag through the mouth opening when the bag is full. This allows maximum fullness of the bag without risking tearing it.


  • Design Variety
  • Tummy stuffers come in six different animal designs. There is a monkey, alligator, ladybug, cat, dog, and unicorn. The design variety allows for children to have their favorite animal, and also opens the potential for collecting multiple tummy stuffers. More tummy stuffers means more containers to place things, and could lead to keeping a room less cluttered.

  • Multiple Sizes
  • Along with the six animal varieties, tummy stuffers also come in three different sizes. Standard tummy stuffers are thirteen inches, and the free gift included with an order is a mini tummy stuffer. Mini tummy stuffers are eight inches. The infomercial also indicates that giant tummy stuffers are available. These are depicted being about twice the size of the standard, but there is no measurement or pricing available for the giant tummy stuffers on the website.

  • Encourages Organization
  • Tummy stuffers are bags that allow kids to have fun while they are picking up around the house. The infomercial starts out with a mother telling her child to clean her room, and the child manages to put all of her cluttered possessions inside of the tummy stuffer. Having access to fun, imaginative means of storage could encourage children to actually put their things away and keep a cleaner room. Using the tummy stuffer to pack clean clothes for trips is also suggested, and the fun design will make packing a bit more enjoyable.

How It Works

Tummy stuffers are in essence, a decorative, child friendly bag that is designed to double as a stuffed animal. The mouth of the stuffed animal serves as the opening of the bag, and the inside of the body of the animal is the bag itself. When enough things are placed inside of the animal, the bag is designed to expose its contents through the mouth when it is full.

Save Time

Children may find it easier to pick up their room with tummy stuffers. Since they can just fit many of the loose objects around their rooms into the tummy stuffer, it could save time in room cleaning. Instead of going through the objects item by item trying to decide where to place things on already full shelves, kids can just stuff the toys into a tummy stuffer.

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