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Tush Ups are the new way to achieve a firmer looking buttocks without dieting or exercising. This new kind of underwear lifts and firms the backside without any additional effort from the wearer. The product contours to the butt in order to present a rounder and less saggy derriere. Its seamless design ensures that panty lines will not show through while wearing these forming panties. They are comfortable and lightweight, allowing for all day wear.


A problem area for many women is the butt – especially with age. Fortunately, Tush Ups allows anyone to have the perfect derriere with minimal effort. Simply slip on this underwear and watch how your backside transforms into a more desirable shape. You don’t need to exercise or diet in order for these panties to work. Get an instant confidence boost with Tush Ups.


  • Feel Foxy
  • This brand has a variety of butt lifting panties in basic colors such as black and nude. Their products lift and support the buttocks in order to achieve a firmer and rounder behind. Additionally, there is a lot of length variety, allowing you to pair the perfect underwear with your preferred set of pants.

  • Bubbles Bodywear
  • This line of panties also has a large selection of butt lifting underwear for women. Nude, black and white are the standard colors of this underwear line. Bubbles Bodywear also offers powernet body shapers that help contour the rest of the body along with the derriere.


  • Soft And Seamless
  • These panties can be worn with almost any pair of jeans or pants without showing panty lines. This is due to their seamless design. The soft fabric makes it easy to wear these panties every day without losing any comfort.

  • Lifts And Shapes
  • Tush Ups both lift and shape the buttocks, giving your behind a complete makeover. While some butt shaping panties only focus on shaping the butt, this underwear pulls double duty. With both lifting and shaping, Tush Ups is able to give almost any user a more appealing derriere.


  • Not For All Clothing
  • If your pants or dress are very thin, Tush Ups might show through under such fabric. This can be limiting for summer outfits that are generally made from thinner material.

  • No Bathing Suit Option
  • If you want to keep your firm looking behind while hitting the beach, you wouldn’t be able to do that with this product. Tush Ups does not offer a bathing suit option, which means you will need to find another way to make your derriere look good in bikini bottoms.

How It Works

Tush Ups has invisible stitching and ultra soft material that conforms to your body while lifting and shaping your behind. This shapewear lifts the buttocks up to two inches, giving the user a more rounded butt.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Wear The Right Color
  2. If you have a lot of light colored pants, opt to wear your nude colored Tush Ups more often. This way, no color will show through your pants.

  3. Right Waist Length
  4. When using Tush Ups, make sure the waist length of your pants or jeans matches the length of your underwear. This will allow the panties to go completely unnoticed and hidden.


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