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Twitching Lure is an electronic fishing device that vibrates and flashes light to attract fishes. This device works with a battery, and so, needs to be recharged after every use. When you cast the line in the water, the twitching lures mimics the movements of a real bait fish, and thus, fishes in the water bite the lure, and are eventually caught.


  • Charging
  • The device runs on battery. This battery can be charged with a port, just like mobile phones.

  • Twitching And Flashing
  • When this lure is attached to a fishing line and cast into the water, it starts twitching, replicating the movements of a real bait fish. At the same time, it also emits light, which would attract fishes to it.

  • For All Types Of Fishing
  • The infomercial claims that this fishing lure is perfect for use in all types of fishing. This means, whether the water source is deep or shallow, calm or disturbed, as long as there are fishes, this lure will help catch them.

  • Size
  • The size of the bait fish is adequate to allow other fish to bite and get caught.

  • LED
  • There is an LED light in this electronic device, meaning you will have ample light to go fishing, even in the dark.

How it's Different from Competitors

Twitching Lure is not the only product of its type. There are others in the market which have similar purpose. The difference is that twitching Lure is a bit larger in size than its competitors. While this means that more fish can see the bait and hence bite, it also means that smaller fish may not be caught. Large fish will take the bait while smaller ones may fail to bite this electronic device.

Negative Aspects

  • Not Good For Calm Water
  • If you are fishing in a shallow pond or in a lake with calm water, using this device may not be a good idea. This is because the twitching action may actually scare the fish away. In calm water bodies, a buzzing, flashing lure may do more harm then good, as the fishes will tend to avoid it.

  • Recharging
  • Although the battery is said to work for several hours, yet if you do not charge your lure adequately, you may be left with nothing to fish with, once the battery runs out of juice. You have to remember to keep it charged every time you go fishing.

  • Performance
  • Even though the device claims to let you catch fishes with almost each cast, this is however not true. There are several factors that determine whether or not fishes will be caught. These include the number of fishes in the water, weather conditions, the line that is cast and how it is cast. After taking all these aspects into consideration, Twitching Lure may not perform a lot better than the ordinary, traditionally bait. It may be of use in murky, disturbed water where fishes are attracted by the light and buzzing, but otherwise, the performance is not greatly different from a normal bait.

  • Turning The Device On
  • Some electronic baits work by turning them on with a button. Others turn on by themselves when they strike the water. There is no information available about how to turn Twitching Lure on.

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