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Ultra Bulb is designed to be the solution to having change bulbs constantly. With its led technology that makes use of tiny diodes to light up the surroundings equally, one will no longer need to constantly purchase bulbs. Able to replace any kind of bulb, this new lighting system gets rid of a lot of hassle.


  • Works Everywhere
  • Instead of having to decide which is the right led light bulb to purchase, Ultra Bulb is able to work well everywhere. This reduces any hassle on the buyer’s part and enables them to easily change all their bulbs without needing an electrician.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Since less energy is used along with the diodes enclosed in the bulb, this unique bulb has a life expectancy of ten years. Such a long lifespan will mean savings on the part of the user, along with less hassle to worry about when the light bulb’s lifespan runs out.


  • More Costly
  • Compared to the average led bulb, Ultra Bulb is a lot pricier. For those who are on a tight budget, the cost for Ultra Bulb may not sound practical, especially for just a bulb. The increased cost is because of the technology used in such lighting.

  • Requires Consistent Voltage
  • As is true with other led lights, in order for the bulb to last long - it requires consistent flow of current. In places where power fluctuations are regular, these led lights may not last as long as expected.


  • Shines In Every Direction
  • The led bulb consists of 28 small diodes that are on a panel inside the bulb, which results in 60 degree lighting. This makes it ideal for areas that need to be well lit.

  • Cool To The Touch
  • Since the bulb uses 85% less energy than traditional bulbs, it never gets so hot that it cannot be touched. This reduces the chances of accidents such as burns.


Get rid of those dreaded times when you don’t know which led bulb to purchase. With the Ultra Bulb technology, you have a bulb that works everywhere your old bulb did. The warm light from this new led bulb shines a light evenly throughout the room.

How It Works

The led Ultra Bulb technology makes use of a 360 degree reflector wrapped with 66 bright diodes that shine light in every direction. This gives it the unique life span of up to ten years, without burning out or needing to be replaced.

How it's Different from Competitors

Other led light bulbs only shed light in a single direction due to their design. With the 60 degree reflector and 66 diodes, Ultra Bulb is able to give a better light. This also enables it to last longer needing no replacement.


  • Lighting Ever A19 Led
  • Its lifespan is only 30,000 hours, which is equivalent to a little over three years in comparison with Ultra Bulbs 10 year life span.

  • Phillips 10.5 Watt A19 Led
  • This light bulb can be dimmed to provide a cozy, soft and comfortable light when desired. In addition, the life expectancy is claimed to be 22.8 years.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Hard To Reach Fixtures
  2. The Ultra Bulbs are ideal for high ceilings or other locations that are difficult to change constantly. It is best to replace these bulbs as soon as possible to avoid future complications.

  3. Take Advantage Of The Promo
  4. The website currently has available a promotion of buying one set and getting one for free. Such a deal can allow for a lot of savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are The Bulbs Safe To Install?
  • Yes. Since led bulbs do not contain any mercury, they are both safe to install and safe for overall usage.

  • Do They Require Warm-up?
  • No. Unlike traditional bulbs that take a few milliseconds before they reach their full brightness, these bubs will light up instantly.

  • Can They Be Used In The Cold?
  • Yes. Even in subzero weather, these led lights will start up instantly.

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