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Vivint Home Security is a security system that provides smart solutions to home monitoring. This company is the leader in smart home security with modern features such as applications that can be accessed from a phone. Live video can be viewed from a cell phone. Also, locks and doors can be opened with a click of a button on any smart phone that provides this application.


  • Monitor Home With Phone
  • Vivint Home Security offers one of the greatest security monitoring features, which is monitoring the home with a cell phone. A vivint phone application can be downloaded that will allow access to 24 / 7 live video feeds from within the home. The phone application also allows doors and locks to be adjusted simply by choosing the option on a smartphone.

  • Non-emergency Alerts
  • Most security systems only allow alerts when there is an emergency. Vivint offers alert features set to customized preferences. Alerts can be set up to notify when the children get home from school, and also when a door is left open or unlocked.


  • Expensive
  • Vivint Home Security offers expensive monthly plans and high installation fees depending on the package.

  • Long-term Agreements
  • When signing up for a Vivint Home Security agreement, the usage terms are longer than most companies. Cancelling the service before agreed date can be very costly.


  • Cell Phone Monitoring
  • The entire home security system can be monitored with a cell phone from anywhere in the world. Alerts can be sent to cell phones for emergencies and non-emergencies. Lights can be turned off, locks can be locked or unlocked and so much more can be done from using a cell phone.

  • Motion Detection And Video
  • Vivint offers state of the art technology that allows motion detection and 24 hour video streaming. The entire house can be monitored at all times with features such as these.


Vivint Home Security is one of the best smart technology security providers in the world. With ground breaking features such as live home monitoring from a cell phone, it is hard for other companies to compete with vivint. This company provides 24 hour customer service, instant alerts for emergencies and non-emergencies, live video, motion detection, fire detection and so much more.

How It Works

Vivint Home Security is easy to use. There is a number on the Vivint Home Security website that can be called for quotes and to set up installations. The quotes are free and easy to obtain. After receiving a quote, a vivint representative installs the equipment and thoroughly explains to the household how to use the security system.

How it's Different from Competitors

The most up to date technology is used with vivint security. There are also more ways to enjoy home monitoring with vivint.


  • Canary
  • This smart home security company provides the latest technology to their customers. Cell phone monitoring is a feature used by canary - along with live video, motion detection and easy accessibility. Canary is also well priced and affordable.

  • Adt
  • This home security provider now also offers a smart home security system with the newest technology. Phone monitoring can be done and phone alerts are also available with adt. The pricing with this company is affordable.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Get A Quote
  2. It is always best to get a quote over the phone before having the services installed. Quotes given by phone are usually reasonable and can help to ensure a good deal is made possible.

  3. Learn How To Use It
  4. Always make sure that the product is thoroughly understood when the installation occurs. Ask many questions and make sure the entire family knows how the system is operated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is It Offered Everywhere?
  • When visiting the vivint website, you will see a section used to get a free quote. Information about your location is needed to obtain one. After inputting the zip code, a representative from the company will give information about location restrictions over the phone or through email.

  • What About Commercial Use?
  • No, currently this specific service is only offered for private homes.

  • How Is Service Ordered?
  • The vivint website provides a section where services can be ordered. Fill out the information needed and a representative from the company will get in contact with you.

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