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The Water Jet is a powerful attachment that can be added to any garden hose. However, it will exert a milder amount of pressure than a bulky pressure washer. It comes with two interchangeable brass tips, one that will provide a jet stream and another that will allow your hose to function as a water broom. The Water Jet is made out of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and solid brass.

How It Works

First, after you turn your hose on, water will flow through the volume reduction chamber, and pressure will build. This buildup of pressure will allow a powerful jet stream of water to come out of the attachment’s tip. The jet stream will easily clear away dirt and debris from the outside of your house and your yard. If you want to adjust the pressure level, simply use the control valve located next to the handle. You can also switch to the fan tip to get a lower-pressure spray, which is perfect for washing vehicles and cleaning patios and decks. At its lowest level of pressure, you can even use this tip to water plants.


  1. Washing Second-story Windows
  2. The Water Jet's jet stream is powerful enough to reach even second-story windows that are dirty.

  3. Removing Wasp Nests
  4. Due to the far reach of the jet stream, you are able to stand a safe distance away from the nests as you blast them away.

  5. Driveway Blasting
  6. On a high-pressure setting, the jet stream can blast away dirt and weeds from brick and pavement driveways.

  7. Cleaning Of Siding
  8. The jet stream is able to clean both wood and aluminum siding, as high up as your second floor.

  9. Washing Umbrellas And Awnings
  10. On a lower-pressure setting, the Water Jet can wash dirty or dusty umbrellas and awnings.

  11. Boat And Vehicle Cleaning
  12. You can use either the jet stream tip or the fan tip to wash boats, cars, trucks, and RVs. Since the Water Jet will attach to any hose, you can even bring it along with you in a boat.

  13. Scouring Mold
  14. With the lower-pressure fan tip, you can use the Water Jet to scour mold off of outside walls, including pool walls.

  15. Watering Plants And Flowers
  16. If you set the Water Jet on the lowest pressure level, while using the fan tip, you will be able to use it to spray your flowers and plants.


  • Moderate Power
  • The Water Jet is great for cleaning situations in which a heavy pressure washer would offer too much power, but an ordinary garden hose would offer too little.

  • Versatile
  • The Water Jet has two different tips, which, when switched back and forth, will enable it to perform different functions. While using either tip, you can also adjust the water pressure and the force of the stream by using the control valve.

  • No Extra Power Sources Needed
  • While pressure washers need gas or electricity to run, the Water Jet requires neither. All you need is a water source and your arm to use it effectively.

  • Has 30-inch Wand
  • It's often hard to get into some nooks and crannies, such as dirty areas underneath a house or vehicle, with your hose. When using the Water Jet, you're unlikely to have to crawl underneath anything to clean an area, as its wand will further your reach.

How it's Different from Competitors

While garden hose attachments are often made of plastic, the Water Jet is made from thick aluminum and stainless steel, and its interchangeable tips are made of solid brass. A lot of attachments are only able to perform tasks requiring either high water pressure or low water pressure, but this one can perform both, due to the interchangeable tips. Plus, many garden hose attachments don’t have a wand as long as the Water Jet’s.


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