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Wipe New is a product for your car that will make it look new again. All you need to do is apply one swipe to an area of the car with the included microfiber cloth, then polish it with the cloth. Following this, the car will look as if it just emerged from the showroom. The product also works on other vehicles such as rvs, boats, and motorcycles.


  1. Interior Of Vehicle
  2. Wipe New will restore prior attractiveness to faded parts of the interior of your vehicle, such as the dashboards and vinyl or leather seats.

  3. Exterior Of Vehicle
  4. Wipe New will also shine up outer parts, such as your bumpers, headlights, decorative side panels, and side-view mirrors.

Positive Points

  • Not Much Needed
  • Unless your car is in very rough shape, all you'll need is one swipe of Wipe New per part to make it look as good as new. Normally, one regular-sized bottle of the substance is enough to restore the good looks of the entire interior or exterior of an average-sized car.

  • Long-lasting
  • For areas that are not frequently exposed to skin oils or friction, an application of Wipe New is guaranteed to last for two years. Sometimes, it will last even longer.

  • Protects Vehicle
  • Along with making your vehicle look new, Wipe New protects most surfaces from harsh elements like the sun, salt, tree sap, and water spots. Therefore, it will be able to keep its new look much longer than it would otherwise.

  • Works On Variety Of Surfaces
  • Wipe New is safe to use on rubber, plastic, vinyl, chrome, ceramic, acrylic, metal, and fiberglass surfaces. The only exception is that if you want it applied to a clear surface that's been coated or painted, you should get an auto professional to perform the application.

Negative Points

  • Not A Spray
  • Wipe New doesn't come in a spray bottle, so you have to dump a bit out on a cloth every time you want to use it. If they aren't careful, new users may end up dumping out more than they need.

  • Doesn't Work On Glass
  • The product is not safe to use on pure glass surfaces, even with the assistance of an auto professional.

  • May Damage Clothing
  • As it dries, Wipe New hardens, so it may damage your clothing if you spill any of the substance on yourself.


In the infomercial, Wipe New is dumped on half of a car ( specifically, the driver's side ). The car is then run through more than 100 car washes, yet the product doesn't fade or wash off. This demonstrates that the product can withstand so much wear and tear, its effects may last for more than two years.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Work From Top Down
  2. When using Wipe New, you should work from the top of your vehicle down, as this reduces the risk of you touching areas you've finished working on.

  3. Finish Each Area
  4. It is best if you finish your application to each area before stopping. If you finish half an area and start working on it again later, the results may appear uneven.


  • Prep Headlight
  • Before each treatment, rub each headlight you're going to treat with the green side of your headlight prep pad until it looks white and hazy. Following that, rinse each headlight with water, and dry it off before using Wipe New. This removes oxidation without damaging the headlights.

  • Keep Dry After Treatment
  • Keep your vehicle dry for the next 24 hours after treating it with Wipe New. If you think it may rain, make sure the vehicle is in a garage or covered with an auto cover.

  • Don't Treat Hot Surface
  • If your car's surface is already hot, or it's a sunny day and it has the potential to get hot, don't apply Wipe New.


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