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Wonder Wallet is a slim leather wallet that will fit in virtually any purse or bag, and will even slide into almost any pants pocket. It contains 12 clear sleeves that will hold up to 24 cards, and also includes a compartment designed specifically for cash. This wallet comes in six striking colors, including black, red, tan, blue, pink, and gray.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Each Wonder Wallet is made out of genuine leather, and this leather is soft and flexible. Hence, sitting on your wallet while it's in your pants pocket won't feel terribly uncomfortable, even as you drive.

  • Slim Design
  • These wallets are slim, as opposed to being fat and bulky, so if you carry a slim evening clutch, it's likely that yours will fit in there with no problem. On the other hand, If you prefer carrying your wallet in your pants, you won't have to deal with the annoying, unattractive bulge that a larger wallet would create in the front or back pocket.

  • Clear Sleeves
  • While many wallets have solid sleeves that you can't see through, each Wonder Wallet contains 12 clear sleeves, which means you'll always be able to view your ID, credit, and store cards at a glance.

  • Six Shades Available
  • Besides the original shades of black, red, and tan, this wallet now comes in blue, pink, and gray. You may want to pick your favorite shade, or get more than one to match different outfits!

  • Rfid Blocking
  • Each of these wallets blocks rfid waves, so no one will easily be able to lift your credit card or identification information from yours.

Positive Points

  • Can Carry Lighter Load
  • If you have to carry a bulky, heavy wallet along with all the other essential items in your purse, bag, or briefcase, one or both of your arms may be tired by the day's end. Fortunately, by carrying a lighter wallet such as this one, you may lighten your load by up to a pound, and therefore experience less arm and shoulder fatigue.

  • May Save Room In Purse, Bag
  • Along the same lines, if there are things you're leaving at home because you don't have room for them in your purse or bag, the slimness of Wonder Wallet may free up room for those.

  • Harder To Lose Cards
  • Many people struggle with losing IDs and various other cards, but since Wonder Wallet will open like a photo album, quickly revealing all of yours to you, you'll likely find them harder to lose.

Negative Points

  • No Smartphone Pocket
  • Some wallets feature a pocket designed specifically for a smartphone, but Wonder Wallet does not, probably because including one of these would contribute to an increased thickness.


  • Standard Wallet
  • You may be able to fit a lot into a standard wallet, but with their solid pockets that are often stacked on top of each other, these aren't designed as effectively as Wonder Wallet. It's often a struggle to pull the correct cards out of the pockets of a standard wallet, while with this one, you'll be able to correctly identify and smoothly pull each card out in seconds.

  • Carrying Loose Cards, Change
  • You could decide that you don't want to deal with a wallet at all, and carry your cards and change loosely in your pockets or bag, but you might easily misplace everything that way.

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