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Wonder Wax is the painless way to remove all that unwanted hair in the convenience of your own home. Since the wax sticks to your hair and not to your skin, you are ensured to have the best waxing experience. The product works on eyebrows, forearms, under arms, legs and even bikini lines.


  • Usable From Head To Toe
  • Wonder Wax is unique in the sense that you can use it from head to toe. From your eyelashes to your armpits and bikini lines, the product is safe for your entire body. There will be no need to purchase any additional waxing solutions.

  • All Natural Ingredients Used
  • The main ingredient used in the product is beeswax, which comes as a relief to many. Users will not have to worry about any harsh side effects because everything is natural and safe in this product.


  • Not Completely Pain Free
  • Many who have used the product claim that a little pain was still felt. Wonder Wax isn’t as pain free as one would hope.

  • Results May Vary
  • As is true with any other product, this wax may work for some and not others. There is no 100 percent guarantee that every individual will have the same results.


  • Wax, A Guide And Applicators
  • The package includes 1 cup of microwavable Wonder Wax, an easy waxing guide, three small applicators meant for small areas and three big applicators for larger areas.


Wonder Wax is the quick and painless way to remove any unwanted hair no matter where it is on your body. Results last up to eight weeks and with the purely natural ingredients, no health risks are posed. The formula sticks to hair, not to skin – decreasing the likeliness of pain.

How It Works

The Wonder Wax formula is heated in the microwave, spread over the desired area and then peeled away. This formula is a hard wax system. Unlike strips, the wax sticks to your hair - not your skin. Bees wax is the main ingredient of the product, making it safe for use by anyone.

How it's Different from Competitors

Common cosmetic waxing strips stick to the skin and the hair, which makes them very painful to use. Using a wax that only sticks to the hair removes a huge percentage of discomfort. Other waxing solutions make use of chemicals that - with prolonged use - may pose many health risks. Wonder Wax, on the other hand, is purely natural.


  • Bodyhonee Waxing Kit
  • This is also a natural product that caters specifically to men.

  • Gigi Brazilian Wax Removal
  • This product is designed for extreme bikini waxing.

  • Veet Leg And Body Hair Removal
  • This product cannot be used on the face.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Sensitive Skin Beware
  2. Although the product is quite safe, be careful if you have sensitive skin. Follow the same waxing technique you use with other products.

  3. Don’t Use Too Much Wax
  4. Make sure you apply the right amount of wax and use the proper applicator for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does It Last?
  • After waxing, it will take about eight weeks before you will need another session.

  • Can Males Use The Product?
  • Yes, males can also use this product.

  • Is It Hypoallergenic?
  • Yes, it is suitable for all skin types.

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