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Wubble Bubble Ball is a toy that is a fusion between a bubble and ball. It is bouncy, stretchy and translucent. This toy starts out deflated and can be inflated up to three feet tall. Its inflation process only takes two minutes. After that, the Wubble can be safely played with, sat on, bounced off of objects and passed around. However, the Wubble needs to be kept away from sharp objects – as it will rip and be unusable.


  • Lightweight
  • The Wubble Bubble Ball is lightweight, which means children can enjoy playing with it without getting tired easily. It can be passed along in a circle of friends, or used as a cushion. Since it is very lightweight, you can treat this toy like a bubble and watch it float in the air as you throw it. Due to its size, it will come down much faster than actual bubbles.

  • Washable
  • You are able to wash this toy without worrying about it breaking. Since it is meant for kids, you can be sure it will get dirty. To ensure that it remains sanitary to play with, you can easily wash off any dirt that lands on the Wubble Bubble Ball.


  • Deflates For Storage
  • When you are finished with the Wubble Bubble Ball, you do not have to find much room in order to store it. While it is large in size when fully inflated, this ball deflated into a much smaller size. This allows you to easily store it in a drawer, the closet or even take it with you on trips. Its small size makes it an easy toy to transport or store when needed.

  • Soft And Strong
  • The Wubble Bubble Ball is a soft but strong toy which your children can bounce around safely without the risk of it popping. Unless it hits a sharp object, this ball is very durable and can withstand being tossed around or thrown into the air. It is soft to touch and will not easily break.


  • Hazard For Some Kids
  • Since children can sit on this or roll on the Wubble Bubble Ball, this means the chance of accidents are more likely to occur. Kids can easily roll off this toy and hit their heads, or bounce right off of it and onto a hard floor. Depending on how hard a child plays with this toy, it can increase the likelihood of an injury.

  • Too Big
  • For some children, the size of the Wubble Bubble Ball may be too big. It is a whopping three feet tall, which many be too much to handle for smaller children or weaker kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What About Inflation?
  • The Wubble Bubble Ball is inflated using the pump that comes with the toy.

  • What About Batteries?
  • The pump that comes with the Wubble Bubble Ball does need batteries, which are not included. Four D batteries are needed for the pump to operate.

  • Can You Use It Indoors?
  • Yes, you can use the Wubble Bubble Ball both indoors and outdoors.

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Im Sorry

Deandre Jalen Meraz | Helena, MT | 05 Mar 2017

Dear wubble bubble I couldnt find your wubble report for your water ballons but einstein ballons is copying of your product for your water ballons it is unbelievably similar so I just thought I should warn you I will be trying to help by warning people their product is a copy cat fake.

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Wobble Bubble is a Lie

Wubble Bubble Is A Lie | Great Bend, KS | 24 Jan 2016

This ball sucks I tried to blow it up but it had holes before I bought it and I blew it up with the pump ( which also sucks ) it took me about an hour to inflate it and still it was only about 2 feet. The ball is a lie l, I'd go waste my alowence on like a Lego set or something but not this ball I bet they put those holes in it so they would make you go buy more patches to fix it. Like I said go out and buy something else with 20 or 30 dollars but not this piece of crap!

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