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The XHose Pro is the upgraded version of the XHose, the only expandable hose on the market that has a patent. Like the original XHose, it starts off small and expands when you run water through it, then reverts to a small size for storage when you turn the water off. However, the Pro version is made with stronger materials and is suitable for professional, as well as personal, use.

How It Works

The XHose Pro has a tough, multi-layered, expandable inner hose which, like the inner hose of the original XHose, expands when subjected to water pressure. This Pro version has a protective outer covering made from webbing that is even stronger than that used to construct the outer shell of the original version. Due to the inner hose’s expandability, it is able to stretch to its full length when your water is turned on, and contract when it is turned off. As a result of its patented design, the XHose Pro will not kink, tangle or twist while being used or transported.


  1. Washing Vehicles
  2. Due to its wider diameter, the XHose Pro is able to offer a more powerful spray than the original XHose. Therefore, you can use it to wash your vehicles even more quickly and efficiently.

  3. Gardening
  4. The hose's spray is powerful, but is still light enough to use on your garden without causing damage.

  5. Professional Work
  6. While the original XHose is only meant for personal use, the XHose Pro is strong and tough enough to be used for professional work, such as auto detailing.

  7. Cleaning Patios And Driveways
  8. The hose's spray will easily clean dirt and debris off of paved or brick areas such as patios and driveways.

  9. Boat And Rv Trips
  10. As the XHose Pro can shrink down to a small size, it can be easily stored. Therefore, it is convenient to bring along on boat and RV trips, to use for essential cleaning jobs.

Positive Points

  • Brass Fittings
  • The XHose Pro is made with solid brass fittings, as opposed to the plastic fittings the original version is made with. These brass fittings are stronger, and are able to withstand a pressure level of 250 pounds per square inch.

  • General Strength
  • The hose is strong enough to pull an SUV and suitable for professional work. Its brass fittings, its inner hose made of multi-layered material, and the super-strong webbing used to create its outer shell make it much sturdier than the original XHose.

  • Weighs Little
  • Even with its added strength, a 50-foot XHose Pro only weighs two pounds, in comparison with an 11-pound traditional garden hose of the same length.

  • Made With Patented Design
  • The hose is made in accordance with a patented design that makes it highly resistant to kinks, tangles, and twisting.

  • Three Different Lengths
  • Like the original XHose, the XHose Pro comes in 25 ( standard ), 50, and 75-foot lengths.

Negative Points

  • Heavier Than Original
  • The XHose Pro has a stronger spray and is sturdier than the original XHose, but it is not quite as light or small. A 50-foot original XHose weighs about a pound, while an XHose Pro of the same length weighs about two pounds. The XHose Pro is also slightly thicker, so will require a tad bit more storage room.

Critical Advice

Although you can choose to use the original XHose without a spray nozzle attachment, the Pro version is more powerful, so you much attach a spray nozzle for safe use.


  • Keep Away From Children
  • Due to the fact that this hose is stronger and more powerful than the original XHose, children must not use it at all. When playing outdoors, they must also be kept away from it.


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