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The XHose is the world’s first expandable hose. When you run water through it, it automatically starts expanding, and eventually grows to three times its original length. After you turn off your water, it will gradually shrink back to a small size. It comes in lengths of 25,50, and 75 feet. The hose is easy to store since even the longest version will fit in a flowerpot when shrunken.

How It Works

Inside the XHose is a tough, durable, multi-layered inner hose that expands in diameter when subjected to water pressure and flow. The folded outside cover of the hose is made with strong, long-lasting webbing that protects the inner hose. This hose is capable of producing a spray that is light enough for you to water your flowers with, but powerful enough for you to use to wash second-floor siding. You can guide the hose around easily, due to its light weight ( the 50-foot version only weighs approximately one pound ). The XHose has also been made in accordance with a patented no-kink design, and it won’t twist or tangle, either.


  1. Gardening
  2. The XHose's spray is light enough for you to use to water your flowers and plants without damaging them.

  3. Washing Vehicles
  4. Due to its high water flow, you can use the XHose to efficiently wash vehicles in the driveway.

  5. Cleaning
  6. The XHose's spray is far-reaching, so you can use it for a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks, including reaching dirt on second-story siding and windows.

  7. Boat And Rv Trips
  8. Due to its small size when contracted, the XHose can easily be brought along on boat and RV trips in order to be used for cleaning tasks.

Positive Points

  • Comes In Different Lengths
  • A standard-sized XHose is 25 feet, but it also comes in lengths of 50 and 75 feet. The longer versions work well for people who have larger surface areas to cover when completing outdoor tasks.

  • Lightweight
  • The 50-foot XHose only weighs about a pound, and the 25-foot version weighs even less. Due to its lightness, you will not have to struggle to drag the XHose through your yard as you may when using other hoses.

  • Easy To Store
  • An XHose won't take up a lot of room in your garage or shed. The 75-foot version will fit in a flowerpot when contracted, so the smaller ones will take up even less space than that.

  • Long-lasting
  • Both the inner and outer layers of the XHose, especially the super-strong webbing used to create the outer covering, are extremely durable. Therefore, your XHose should last a long time.

Critical Advice

The XHose does not come with a spray nozzle, but works much better when used with one. You can easily attach one to the end of your hose, connecting it to the on / off valve. If you do not attach a separate spray nozzle, your XHose will expand to its full length much more slowly.


  • Contract After Use
  • Always turn your water supply off and drain any water from your XHose after you use it, as this will automatically make the hose contract. If you leave water running through it when it's not in use, you will run the risk of bursting or causing other damage to the hose.

  • Keep In Shade
  • To increase the chances of your XHose having a long life, store it away from heavy sunlight, so it is not damaged by UV rays.

  • Store Indoors For Winter
  • Protect your hose from weather damage by bringing it inside for the winter. Make sure there is no water left inside it, as it may freeze and frozen water can cause damage to the hose.

  • Don't Use Hot Water
  • The XHose is meant for cold water use only, so don't run hot water through it under any circumstances.

  • Don't Drink From It
  • The water within outdoor hoses is subject to bacteria and animal waste, among other harmful substances, so don't drink from the XHose or any other garden hose.

  • Don't Stretch When Empty
  • If you attempt to stretch the XHose when it has no water in it, it may boomerang back at you like an elastic band, possibly causing you injury.

  • Preserve Outer Layer
  • The outer covering is what protects the inner hose from damage, so keep it out of harm's way and inspect it regularly for holes and tears.


Briceg | Palmetto, GA | 08 Feb 2016

Junk! In case you ever wondered why such a wonderful product only has a 90 warranty.

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Patricia | Glencoe, IL | 20 Aug 2015

This is a horrible product. I purchased the XHose at Meijer in June only used it a few weeks when it burst in the middle of the hose. I took it back thinking it was just a defective hose and got another one. After a few weeks once again, it burst. I would never ever recommend this product to anyone. We paid over $50 for this?

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