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Yoshi Grill And Bake mats allow you to cook food on the grill or in the oven without making a sticky mess. When you use a grill mat, your meat, cheese, and eggs won’t get stuck to the grill’s bars. Using a bake mat will enable you to pull desserts and pizzas off your cooking pans without them sticking. The mats are dishwasher safe or can be wiped clean.

How It Works

Each grill or bake mat has a 100 percent non-stick surface, so you’re easily able to flip your food, if needed, and quickly slide it off your grill or cooking pan. However, perfect grill marks will still show up on your food’s surface. These grill and bake mats ensure that food is cooked evenly, and the grill mats reduce the chance of flare-ups, therefore reducing the chance that your food will burn. Similarly, the bake mats help reduce the risk of burnt bottoms. The solid surfaces of the grill mats also ensure that no small items, such as vegetables, fall through a grill’s cracks.


  1. Meat And Fish
  2. When you use the yoshi grill mat, cooking fish and meat is simple because the pieces can be flipped easily, will cook evenly, and won’t get stuck to the grill. However, they will still contain attractive-looking grill markings.

  3. Melting Cheese
  4. With the grill mat, you can melt cheese on your grill without it getting all over the grill’s bars, or dripping through them.

  5. Frying Eggs
  6. The yoshi grill mat can also be used to effectively fry eggs on a grill, and you won’t have to pry them off to serve them, either.

  7. Applying Sauces
  8. Since the yoshi grill mat’s surface is solid, it is especially useful when you want to apply sauces to meats. It will prevent the sauces from dripping off the cooking surface and making a mess or going to waste.

  9. Grilling Vegetables
  10. The grill mat works well for grilling vegetables, since its solid surface ensures that even the smallest vegetables won’t slip through the grill’s cracks.

  11. Cooking Pizza
  12. You can use the yoshi bake mat to cook a nice oven-baked pizza that will slide easily off the pan, and will have good-looking grill markings and no burnt bottom.

  13. Making Desserts
  14. It’s often hard to get cookies, cakes and other desserts out of pans without leaving behind chunks or crumbs. However, the yoshi bake mat will ensure that the desserts slide off or out easily, while remaining completely intact.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Prepare Mat
  2. Your grill or bake mat may be the perfect size for your grill or cooking pan already, but if not, you are able to cut the mat to fit the size or shape of your cooking surface.

  3. Lay The Mat
  4. Once your mat is the right size, you can easily lie it flat on your grill or cooking pan.

  5. Cook Food
  6. Grill or bake your food items as you normally would ( without dealing with the hassle of a sticky mess ).

  7. Clean Mat
  8. If your mat isn’t very dirty, you can just flip it over and use the other side for another round of cooking, if you choose. Mats that need to be washed can be placed in the dishwasher, or simply wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Positive Points

  • Pfoa-free
  • The Yoshi Grill And Bake mats are free of the potentially harmful chemical compound pfoa, which is used to manufacture many popular consumer goods.

  • Highly Heat-tolerant
  • The grill and bake mats will tolerate temperatures up to 500 degrees, so you can cook virtually anything on their surfaces.

  • Reusable
  • These grill and bake mats are not a product that is limited to several uses. You will likely be able to cook hundreds of food items on them before they wear out.

  • Comes With Spatula
  • The Yoshi Grill And Bake mats come with the grip ‘n’ flip spatula, which is a spatula and a pair of tongs in one. Its powerful hold dramatically reduces the chances that your food will slip when you flip it or remove it from a pan or grill.

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