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Zip Sox are zip up compression socks. Compression socks are demonstrated to improve circulation, and reduce swelling and pain in the legs. Standard compression socks can be difficult to put on, but Zip Sox try to make the process easier with a zipper.


  • Pinch Resistant Zipper
  • Zip Sox come equipped with a pinch resistant zipper so that you don't pinch your skin when putting them on. With a standard zipper on something so close fitting to the skin, this would be a concern, but Zip Sox are designed specifically to not pinch.

  • Open Toe Design
  • Zip Sox have an open-toe design, meaning that the sock does not actually cover toes. Many people will find this a beneficial feature, as there is no associated uncomfortable seam on the toes.

  • Nylon Spandex Blend
  • Zip Sox are made of a nylon spandex blend to be smooth, comfortable, and breathable.

  • Compression
  • The key feature of Zip Sox is the compression they provide. Compression socks have been shown to alleviate pain and swelling associated with a number of conditions, and have even been shown to speed up post-workout recovery in athletes. Zip Sox apply compression to the lower leg, from the top of the foot all the way up to the base of the knee. This compression alleviates pain and swelling from varicose veins, extended standing, or extended cramped sitting from things like travel.


  • Easy To Put On
  • Zip Sox are designed to be easier to put on than standard compression socks. Regular compression socks are very tight fitting to apply compression to the leg, and thus can be difficult to slide up the leg to wear. Conversely, Zip Sox are designed to be easy to put on. You just have to pull it over your toes so the sock is a small way up your ankle, and then zip. The zipper allows the wearer to not have to pull the sock all the way up the calf, granting the ability to just zip the sock up the leg.

  • Pain And Swelling Releif
  • The easy zipper on zip socks allows an easier way to apply lower leg compression, which has been reported to reduce pain and swelling in a wide variety of people.

  • Choice Of Colors
  • Zip Sox comes in a beige color that is supposed to match skin tone for those who would like to look like they are not wearing socks. The other available color option is black.

Save Money

Well received compression socks can run anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars a pair, and that includes the hassle of actually applying the sock. Zip Sox, carrying a price of twenty dollars are actually at the low end of good compression socks, and come with an easy zipper to make wearing them hassle-free.

Save Time

The zipper on zip socks allows you to save all the hassle of putting on compression socks. Not only can it be a painful or irritating endeavor, but struggling with the tight fit of compression socks can take minutes. Zip socks, on the other hand are easy to put on, providing compression similar to that of the much more difficult socks.


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