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Zoomies are hands-free, compact binoculars that also function as sunglasses. With them, you can see anything you want up close without having to squint, use a magnifying glass, or carry heavy regular-sized binoculars around your neck. You won’t have to carry anything at all, as the glasses just move with your head. By using Zoomies, you’ll experience up to 300 percent magnification of the objects in your environment.

How It Works

Zoomies use the same kind of vision technology that standard binoculars do, except that the technology’s been modified to fit the product’s smaller microlenses. If you want to zoom in or out with your Zoomies, simply adjust the focus dial to view objects as they are, a little bit closer, or at maximum magnification.


  1. Watching Nature
  2. You can use Zoomies to watch birds and other creatures, or zoom in on interesting plants close up.

  3. Hunting
  4. With the Zoomies, you'll be able to more effectively see where a certain animal you're after is located.

  5. Sports Games
  6. Whether you're watching your child's soccer match or the world series, Zoomies will make you feel like you're in the front row, even if you're in the nosebleed section.

  7. Concerts
  8. Zoomies are also great for looking more closely at a band or artist while you're attending a concert.

  9. Crafts And Needlework
  10. If you have trouble seeing small tools or pieces while you're doing crafts or sewing, the Zoomies will assist you by magnifying these things.

  11. Reading Fine Print
  12. Like a magnifying glass, Zoomies will immediately enlarge fine print that you wish to read. However, they will magnify a larger area of text at once in comparison to a magnifying glass.

  13. Watching Television
  14. When you use Zoomies to watch your favorite programs, it will seem as if you have a big-screen television, no matter how small the television actually is.

Positive Points

  • Easy Storage
  • The Zoomies easily fold up, and aren't large to begin with, so you can easily store them in your pocket or purse when you're not wearing them.

  • Light
  • The Zoomies are lightweight, so you won't get a sore neck or arms when you wear them, as you may when you wear binoculars. Furthermore, they won't feel heavy when you're carrying them in a pocket or purse, either.

  • Built-in Sun Shade
  • The Zoomies contain a built-in sun shade that is easily flicked on and off and reduces glare. Therefore, you'll get the benefits of sunglasses without having to remove the binoculars and put standard sunglasses on.

  • Come With Lanyard And Case
  • The Zoomies come with a lanyard, so you can wear them around your neck if you choose. They also come with a carrying case, so if you don't have a suitable pocket or purse to carry them in, you can use that.

Negative Points

  • Non-prescription
  • You can't get prescription Zoomies, so if you normally wear prescription glasses, you'll have to switch to contacts or forego using the product.

Save Money

Zoomies do the work of binoculars and a magnifying glass, so by using them, you will save the money you would spend buying both. The product is very inexpensive in comparison to standard binoculars.

Save Time

When you wear Zoomies to look at things up close in a sunny environment, you will save the time you would otherwise spend switching between binoculars and sunglasses.


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